Turris OS 5.4.4 is now in the testing branch

Dear Turris users,

Last week, there were found vulnerabilities in many DNS resolvers, and each resolver was given different CVE. That is one of the reason why we postponed Turris OS 6.0.0 into HBK, because we wanted to make sure that your routers are protected and safe.

Here are the release notes for Turris OS 5.4.4:

:pushpin: Updates
• Kernel to version 4.14.294
• Knot Resolver to version 5.5.3 (CVE-2022-40188)
• Unbound to version 1.16.3 (CVE-2022-3204)
• BIND to version 9.16.33 (CVE-2022-2795, CVE-2022-3080, CVE-2022-38177, CVE-2022-38178)

This update is only for users using testing branch until it is released to the stable branch, which should be hopefully soon.

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


Turris Omnia … HBT

Updater selhal:

inconsistent: Package suricata-bin requires package libnss that is not available.

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Thanks for reporting! We need to release a new RC version, when this is going to be fixed for all routers.

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Unfortunately there are more errors (TO from campaing, 2GB, single config with 2 WiFi, lxc, RIPE Atlas, …): after “Downloading packages” there was 4 times message “line not found” and “DIE: corruption: The SHA256Sum sum of kernel does not match, Aborted”.



I’m also getting this message multiple times today via e-mail alerts:

Error notifications
Updater failed:

corruption: The SHA256Sum sum of kernel does not match

The Web UI doesn’t show any error message when the “Check and install updates” button is pressed, but the same error message as above appears in Notifications.

Comments like this are unnecessary. It’s clear from your other posts that you are not happy with the exact method of development. Please either move your router back to HBS, or exercise some self control and stay off the Forums for a while.


Sometimes telling even obvious truth makes one being difficult…


You are right. Telling something (however truthful) over and over and over and over and over again DOES make one difficult. Development process is never going to be perfect for any code more complex than “Hello World”.

Bugs creep in. People make mistakes.

Calling people out for these mistakes, or shouting when the development team is not 100% focussed on the particular bug you are interested in . . . childish.

I work in software engineering - specifically around Linux distributions. Getting a major product release over the line is never going to be a perfect job. There are compromises to be made, and difficult decisions to be taken. Even if you are a contributor, your merge may not be accepted for the release you had hoped.

Allow the team to correct course and stop trying to call them out in every possible forum thread. It’s unhelpful at best. And at worst it drives away users/contributors who may have been inclined to help out with the process.


The new RC version could not be released today, guys, I am so sorry for that, but there were not enough people in the office to sign the release. We have a state holiday in the Czech Republic tomorrow, so we can fix this on Thursday. :frowning:


Best solution is go to your user menu , and select the obvious…


Not sure @jada4p is fluent in dutch… but the position of the options is the same in all left to right languages anyway…


Thanks to both @DIKKEHENK and @moeller0 - even though I’m as supposed not fluent in dutch (neither in german) meaning of screenshot is clear enough… Our dear @viktor is on the best way to be banned not only by some users… His often repeated comments are many times annoying - but, paradoxically - sometimes useful. Hopefuly he could find needed balance…and be not difficult.


I know it is not Thursday, but it’s Friday and it’s Friday deploy! :smiley: New RC is out.

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