Turris OS 5.4.3 is in the testing branch (HBT)

Dear Turris community,

we have just released Turris OS 5.4.3 to the testing branch (HBT). This release fixes “permission denied” warnings on package installations while bringing software updates including a security fix.


:bug: Bug Fixes
• Fixed permission denied while installing packages

:pushpin: Updates
• Kernel to version 4.14.292
• Knot DNS to version 3.1.7
• Knot Resolver to version 5.5.2
• syslog-ng to version 3.38.1 (security fix)

If you’d like to help us with testing, have a look at our documentation for instructions on switching to the testing branch. We would appreciate any feedback regarding this release and possible observed issues.


MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config, all seems OK - except pertaining boot problem.

TO 2016, HBT branch, 2 GB, 2x WiFi, HaaS, RIPE Atlas, Sentinel, lxc, simple config, all seems OK.