Turris OS 5.4.2 is out!

Dear Turris community,

It is a pleasure to inform you about a new Turris OS version, which was released to the stable branch. This update will be applied to each Turris router (Turris 1.x, Turris Omnia, Turris MOX), which does not use any testing or development branches. If you are using approvals or delayed updates, check reForis and its notification for further details.

What was changed in Turris OS 5.4.2 release?

:bug: Bug Fixes

:pushpin: Updates

  • Kernel to version 4.14.291

A list of known bugs (Erratum) applies for this release.

  • MOX: Reboot issue
  • MOX: SDIO limitations

If you would find any bugs or regressions, please reach our support department. Our colleagues will gladly help you.


Errata for erratum:

limitation that it is possible to create only 3 SSIDs

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That was copy pasted from the documentation to be clear for users who do not want to click on it and have it in one place. What you said counts towards SDIO limitations. :wink:

Installed on my 2016 Omnia without a flaw. No issues observed during update and in operation since.

for me, this update turned off and reset the wifi. I’ve reverted to the working version. On the second try, it went through without a problem

TO 2020, no problems so far.

Just a note to the “MOX: Reboot issue”, I’ve tried the reboot-issue-workaround-v4 and it seems that it helped.


Unfortunately not for me - still hanging sometimes :frowning:

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Unfortunately just like me.

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@Pepe If it’d help, I can borrow my MOX to cz.nic to debug the reboot issue. I have no regular use for it, so I could miss it for a few months. I’ve upgraded it to hbl and v4 workaround and it still seems to be freezing during reboots.

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Sounds good for my both MOXes.

Thanks for offer, but we can reproduce it also in our office. :slight_smile:

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TOS 5.4.3 is coming!

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Well, I need to take back what I’ve written, it’s still freezing, it just behaved nicely once or twice.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I still believe in TOS 6, but apparently that won’t help either.