Turris OS 5.4.1 is released

Dear Turris users,

In the previous release, there was a minor bug that affected some of you that it was not clear which Turris OS version you installed on your device. We looked at it, and it is fixed in this release, where you can also find a security update for zlib.

Release notes:
:bug: Bug Fixes
β€’ Fixed Unicode support in BusyBox
β€’ Fixed showing Turris OS versioning mismatch

:pushpin: Updates
β€’ zlib to version 1.2.12

This update will be applied automatically for all Turris devices unless you use delayed updates or approve updates manually.

If you find any bugs in this release, please let us know by using our official support channels.


Faster than I expected, I mean preparing new version and releasing :metal:

TOS 5.4.2 is coming!