Turris OS 5.3 is released!

This issue is on me. I was doing a minor cleanup and threw it away. :smiley: Because no packages depend on this package in our repository. We did not actively maintain it, so I took the opportunity and drop it.


I had exactly the same issue after updating to 5.3.0 and rebooting the device. Unmounting in LuCI didn’t work, reformatting the mSATA drive in reForis didn’t change anything, several reboots of the Omnia didn’t change this.

I solved this by removing the mount point in the “Mount Points” section in LuCI (go to the “Mount Points” page, scroll to “Mount Points”, delete the mount point (e.g., /dev/sda/)). I then rebooted the device, and could access /srv again. Interestingly, formatting the mSATA drive in reForis didn’t work (the web UI said it was formatted, but all the files were still there).

root@Turris_Omnia:~# uci show netmetr
netmetr.settings.hours_to_run='4' '10' '16' '22'

This update was bad luck on Turris 1X. After update WIFI not starting (I have 6 SSID for internet, guest and tor network for both frequencies) broken LXC - containers does not start and after rollback I did not prevented another update so it run out of space on SDCARD and rendered it read only. Now system boot into read only mode bude not sure if SDCARD is completely damaged or just filesystem.
Unfortunatelly I don’t have time this weekend to fiddle with it. New omnia wainting next to turris1x but only hafl of setup on it.

Good to hear it wasn’t anything important.

I was caught by surprise that both tcpdump and tcpdump-mini were installed. The issue only came to light after the TOS 5.3.0 upgrade.
I followed @Pepe recommendation and uninstalled the tcpdump-mini and so far the issue had been resolved.

Thank you.

It feels like storage/NAS extension has lost all support for non-RAID options? You need to remove srv from /etc/config/storage file if you want /etc/config/fstab to be able to mount yout non-RAID srv mSATA partition. Or this was the case with my Omnia without any RAIDs.

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Here are the results of the speed test. The last two (above) are after rollback from 5.3 to 5.2.7.
Obviously the update to 5.3 is not good for my router(Turris 1.1). Overall, it’s kind of laggy.

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Since the update, every entry in /etc/hosts (except the defaults) leads to the dhcp server (dnsmasq?) not working for me anymore. I’m able to reproduce this issue and I’m wondering how I can troubleshoot this issue, because in /var/log/messages doesn’t seem anything wrong.

IPv6 was working fine, but I had to configure a static IPv4 to be able to connect to the omnia via SSH again and correct this behavior.

Yep, same problem for me; after update and restart, my msata drive was gone (and LXC containers did not start, obviously). Per alump’s advice, I removed the drive’s entry from /etc/config/storage and rebooted and everything seems to be fine again now.

Its my problem too. Obviously the update to 5.3 is not good for my router(Turris 1.1). Overall, it’s kind of laggy.

My Turris 1.1 if completely broken after upgrade to TOS 5.3. WAN seems to be fine (connectivity test works), but internet on LAN does not work. WiFi is not available at all, even forris says that there is no WiFi adapter. And LAN config in forris shows general application error and does not display any config.

I sent all info including diagnostics logs to support via email and hopefully they will be able to fix the issue. In the meantime, I have postponed the update on another Turris 1.0 router to avoid these issues.

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I have the same problem with mSATA drive and my LXC containers disappearing. I commented out the entry in /etc/config/storage and rebooted. I can now access the drive via /srv, but the LXC containers are still are not listed in LuCI. The Mount Points page is also missing on LuCI. Any suggestions?

Edit: Scratch that. I still can’t access the drive. /srv is probably showing some files from the local storage. It does not have my containers. Any help pls?

root@turris:/srv# df -h .
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda                 50.0M     56.0K     49.9M   0% /srv

Just to add another experience here - my mSATA drive with LXC containers and generally the Storage content was unaffected by this update. I’m following HBT branch, so I went through the release candidate versions.

The upgrade was OK for me but there was no web interface after. Lighttpd crashed with this error: “procd: Instance lighttpd::instance1 s in a crash loop 8 crashes, 1 seconds since last crash”. I have a custom SSL config so the solution was to remove /etc/lighttpd/conf.d/ssl-enable.conf.


Ignore this. I only recently updated the router Omnia from Turris OS 3.x. It seems as part of its upgrade, SQM was left applying to the wrong interface and additionally is performing very badly. With SQM on the router disabled, things seem fine. I’ll ignore why SQM was performing so terribly until another day as its not really necessary on my current connection.

Original comment:

I just checked mine. I have two Turris Omnias. The first is the main router and was not upgraded yet; the second is a dual disk RAID10 NAS which I did upgrade. Tested using command line Ookla client:

Non-updated Omnia (TurrisOS 5.2.7):

Speedtest by Ookla

Latency:    22.12 ms   (6.72 ms jitter)
Download:   359.43 Mbps (data used: 389.9 MB)
Upload:    35.99 Mbps (data used: 18.5 MB)

Updated NAS Omnia (TurrisOS 5.3.0)

Plugged into router Omnia with cable via lan-lan sockets. Wi-Fi is disabled:

Speedtest by Ookla

Latency:     9.33 ms   (0.87 ms jitter)
Download:    25.55 Mbps (data used: 15.3 MB)
Upload:    36.89 Mbps (data used: 17.1 MB)

Interestingly, upload is full speed so it appears to be something on ingress causing an issue.

Yes, i have too this problem with speed on Turris 1.1 after update

I have a similar problem with my Turris Omnia 2019 after the update, WAN seems fine if I do the tests but no internet on the LAN nor WiFi, my WiFi does work and I can connect but it’s simply connected without internet. I expected to solve the problem by simply doing a rollback, but the problem persisted.Even a factory reset and reflashing the router with the medkit didn’t solve it.

after the 5.3.0 everything here seems the same? DHCP to cable.

Yes, as I described in my edited comment, I actually tracked it down to the upgrade to a second upstream Omnia from Turris OS 3.x to 5.x. Its SQM config’s port wasn’t renamed automatically (and additionally SQM seems to be performing poorly), but I only noticed it when testing speed after fixing the NAS issues with the downstream Omnia’s upgrade that this thread relates to.

So for me, the only actual issue with this upgrade was it removing mdadm and not cleanly rebooting following the upgrade.