Turris OS 5.3.9 is now in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,

We are pleased to announce to you a new version in the testing branch! This release is based on the latest OpenWrt 19.07.10, which is now End-of-Life. We are working on bringing you a new Turris OS, which will be based on a newer OpenWrt. We are facing some issues, and because of that, we cannot provide you with this version right now. Until then, we are committed to maintaining this version and providing you updates as you are used to. We want to make sure that you are safe against security threats.

Changelog for this version:

  • Based on the latest OpenWrt 19.07.10
  • Added SANE drivers
  • Fixed expiration time for static leases in reForis
  • Fixed Turris 1.x specific issue regarding interfaces management in reForis
  • Updated ffmpeg to version 4.2.6 and added more decoders (fixes CVE-2020-22027)
  • Updated BIND to version 9.16.28
  • Updated Knot Resolver to version 5.5.0
  • Updated kernel to version 4.14.277
  • Security fixes
    • wolfSSL
    • Zabbix
    • ruby

If you would like to test this release before it goes to the stable branch, please take a look at our documentation for testing new versions.

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


Hi Pepe,

unfortunatelly 5GHz on MOX does not work, probably because of some problem with loading of the ath10k_pci module. I created a report here Cannot load ath10k_pci in 5.3.9 (#344) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab

Beware, this can break your DNS (except Turris 1.x, I expect). At a quick glance, affected people are those who don’t have interface list defined in /etc/config/resolver (used to be in defaults but not anymore for years IIRC).

EDIT: knot-resolver: fix init after update to 5.5.0 (!919) · Merge requests · Turris / Turris OS / Turris OS packages · GitLab

Looking into it. Thanks for reporting!

Hmmm. :frowning: Knot Resolver runs very well for me, but this is definitely what we should look. Thank you for submitting pull request. We will address this soon! There is going to be RC2 with this fix for sure.

Hi all,

I have any a problem with DNS and reForris. DNS does not return the recording for MOX device name in LAN and in reForris I cannot save the device name containing dots.

New Release Candidate version is out for all Turris devices!

  • Fixed PCI driver for Turris MOX
    Kudos to @tommyq, who reported it.
  • Merged fix for Knot Resolver’s init script
    Thanks @vcunat, who prepare it!

I didn’t see any clear indications on setting this in the bug report. Currently, I’ve got it set to

config resolver 'common'
        list interface ''
        list interface '::0'

Is this what is needed?

It’s not “needed”, but if you do have interface set, you wouldn’t reach the code that was temporarily broken.

So, is that really helpful in this thread?

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Isn’t the number of clicks on the link enough for you?

This RC did not solve the problem with “Device Name” and dots.

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Nope, it does not. Unfortunately, in your comment, there are not many details that could be helpful to be able to reproduce this issue or even fix it. Your issue does not seem to be related to Turris OS 5.3.9. It seems that it could be there for some time, and because of that, it is not a blocker to release it to the stable release.

Please follow this documentation:

You can report this issue also to our technical support department, and they will check if your issue is related to the frontend or backend.

Okay, I was looking for the right way to report an error in the HBT branch.