Turris OS 5.3.8 is now in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,

We prepared a new Turris OS 5.3.8 release primarily for Turris 1.x owners, the blue router, given to the users in the Czech Republic. These routers are already supported for many years. We still count on supporting this device. For other Turris devices, there is only updated kernel.

Release notes:

  • Updated kernel to version 4.14.275
  • Multiple fixes for Turris 1.x routers
    • Fixed Foris Controller with a single Wi-Fi card
    • Force read-write to microSD card slot
  • Updated OUI database for MAC addresses

If you would like to help us with the testing of this release, please follow this article in our documentation.


Not sure whether you hear that often enough, but you are doing an absolutely stellar job with the overall quality and the longevity of your support for your hardware. I know of no commercial vendor in the same league, at least not without payed maintenance contracts. I just wish other devices would see such exemplary long-term support (like cough, android devices, cough)…


I’m still seeing zillions of these lines in log:

2022-04-13 09:38:32 info kernel[]: [11679.651107] device tun_turris entered promiscuous mode
2022-04-13 09:38:32 info kernel[]: [11679.691033] device tun_turris left promiscuous mode

It started happening somewhere along the 5.3.x series without any configuration change on my side and I hoped a few updates would fix it, but they didn’t. These two lines repeat twice a second.

TO HBK branch, 2GB, 2x WiFi, HaaS, RIPE Atlas, lxc, all seems OK.
Thanks for your work & support!

I completely agree and I wish the MOX A module and SDIO card to receive at least the same support.

By the way CZ.NIC is not a commercial vendor.

there is about 1 GB of free space, but… turris said me that “no space left” :slight_smile:

Very interesting…

… and finally, IPv6 through HE tunnel doesn’t work properly, I am going back to 5.3.6

Sorry, after deleting some snapshots now it on 5.3.8 works properly.

TOS 5.3.8 was released!

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