Turris OS 5.3.4 is in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,

We prepared for you a new release Turris OS 5.3.4 in the Testing branch. This one is primary security-related, also it brings package updates and minor fixes.

Release notes:

* Updated kernel to version 4.14.261
* Updated mac80211 to version 4.19.221
* Updated several packages such as zsh, domoticz
* Fixed remote storages in schnapps
* Fixed initial SFP configuration for Turris MOX
* Security fixes
  * PostgreSQL
  * c-ares

As always, we appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


TO HBK (i.e. effectively 5.3.4), 2GB, 2x WiFi, containers, HaaS, RIPE Atlas - all seems to work

Hm, unpleasant surprise. Device radio0 (QCA9880) was not visible. I had to rollback and some debugging will try later.

Is that Turris Omnia or Turris MOX? Can you provide us more details like sending us diagnostics? Without it, we can not proceed further with your issue.

Hi Pepe, sorry, had no time this morning for that. It’s MOX. I just noticed I had CT driver installed, so tried to regular one but without luck:
netifd: radio0 (8978): Could not find PHY for device 'radio0'
I created a bug report here.

Quite bad for me as well on my MOX Classic:

  1. I had to do a hard reboot but this problem I am used to, that’s OK
  2. More important, the QCA9880 has disappeared completely and that was the only one I was using so no more wifi.

Bizarrely the kernel logs don’t seem to show errors… I need to look into it but I’ve got an interview for work via video-conference, not a good day to lose connection :open_mouth:

I had the same problem for few times on Turris 1.0. (last time after update to 5.3.3) I cannot tell you exact, 100% working solution, except schnapps rollback. Sometimes there even was no wireless network in LuCI.

You can try to reset wifi settings in reForis but it will not help probably.
Then you can try to just delete /etc/config/wireless file and restart router. It should help.

Or the best - you have to edit /etc/config/wireless file manually. It is empty probably. This helped me for few times. But unfortunately, last time, only until the first power off. cycle Still don´t know what is causing this.

That’s not related. This affects only Turris MOX and we know what is wrong. We are working on it.

I keep copy of /etc/config folder on my pc in order to restore when needed.
Just scp from your pc.

The issue with 5.3.4 on my MOX made me make the jump to HBL / TOS 6.0… seems to be working very well so far…

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Be careful. There may be other issues with both HBL and the current TOS 6. Otherwise, congratulations on a successful update!

Well it’s HBL so I know the risks… at least I will help flagging up issues :slight_smile:


MOX without Wi-Fi module works well…

Turris OS 5.3.4 RC2 is released! :wink:

What is fixed?

  • PCIe detection on Turris MOX
    • We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this in RC1 and we have taken appropriate steps to prevent this issue in the future.
  • No more cosmetic issue related to mismatch Turris OS version

What is updated?

  • Kernel to the latest LTS version of the 4.14 series.

Several packages from the telephony feed are missing for Turris MOX due to compile issues, but that one will be fixed shortly in the upcoming RC.

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Turris OS 5.3.4 RC3 is released!

  • Compiled missing packages for Turris MOX
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What’s problem with HaaS? See Whole heap of errors from haas-proxy-start in system log - #2 by jada4p I apologise if I put question in wrong topic :wink:

HaaS was not updated in this release and to be honest, HaaS was not updated for a long time. I will respond there later.

Turris OS 5.3.4 RC4 is released!

  • Fixed RTC on Turris 1.x routers