Turris OS 5.3.3 is in the testing branch

Dear Turris community,

We are releasing a new Turris OS 5.3.3 into the testing branch in such a short time. In total, this is the second version this week, which you can find there.

There are two things fixed:

There are no new things for Turris 1.x.

How I can switch to the testing branch?

You should read carefully and follow steps in our documentation.

I found bug. What should I do?

Feel free to reach our support department as soon as possible!

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.

TO in HBK branch, 2GB, 2xWiFi, simple config, HaaS, Ripe-Atlas, lxc - all seems OK.

Only banner on CLI window - putty - is stating: “TurrisOS 5.3.1”; similarly LuCI; reForis displays 5.3.3 version :slight_smile:

This is due to base-files not being updated in this release. It is a known issue that is really low priority Mismatch of Turris OS version due not updated base-files (#205) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab.

Got it :wink:

:wink: how many filling spaces would I need :-))

Dec 14 18:42:13 turris sentinel-dynfw-client[3196]: ipset v7.3: Error in line 1: Element cannot be deleted from the set: it's not added
Dec 14 18:42:13 turris sentinel-dynfw-client[3196]: 2021-12-14 19:42:13,197 - WARNING - Error running ipset command: return code 1.

Will the issue above also be fixed by 5.3.3?

Please, use the search button on forum to see if it was not already reported to us.


I had to re-flash (type 4) my Omnia because of eMMC corruption. I got the latest update, but there are a couple of issues I see.

The first is that reforis won’t launch as the keys in /tmp are missing for the device after the update. I’m 2000 miles from the device at the moment so I can’t give the specific path, but I do know it’s missing when checked against the serial-number. It’s probably something that would not be missing if this had been an upgrade, but a full-flash seems to not have generated the files properly.

The second issue is the utility we used in foris to update the color of the LEDs is not available as far as I can tell.