Turris OS 5.3.2 is in the Testing (HBT) branch

Dear Turris users,

We prepared a new version Turris OS 5.3.2 for you. In this release, you can find security updates and as well updates for a few packages, but mostly there are fixes for migration, which was discovered last week, and before we can push another wave, we need release fixes first.


  • Security update: MariaDB, icu
  • Updated: Knot Resolver, unbound, lighttpd, msmtp, syslog-ng, libpaho-mqtt-c, libsass
    And many improvements for the migration process from old stable Turris OS 3.x.

How I am able to test this release?

Look at this article in our documentation for more details, including how you can switch to the HBT branch.

I found some regression. What I am supposed to do?

Don’t hesitate and reach our support department as soon as possible!

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.

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TO in HBK branch, 2GB, 2xWiFi, simple config, HaaS, Ripe-Atlas, lxc - all seems OK.

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I am also on HBK and everything is working.

Everything OK with TO on HBT

Guys, thank you so much for providing feedback! We appreciate it, and we will release a new RC version soon. We need to synchronize the feeds as there was the difference between the used commit hash in node feed for Turris MOX, and then it will be released to the Stable branch.

Turris OS 5.3.2 RC2 was released!

Not many updates, though. For Turris MOX, there is an updated node package.