Turris OS 5.3.10 released

Dear Turris users,

We are happy to present you Turris OS 5.3.10 release, which has just come out of the testing branch.

Updated reForis now enables you to display your device specific data in Sentinel View through a link or device token presented in the Sentinel/Overview interface.

Other less visible updates and security fixes are present as well.

Release changelog:

  • Added Sentinel device token in reForis
  • Added PHY drivers for Turris 1.x routers
  • Updated USB device database
  • Updated RIPE Atlas SW probe
  • Updated kernel to version 4.14.280
  • Security fixes
    • ecdsautils
    • postgresql

The update will be applied automatically, unless you have chosen to use update approvals or disabled automatic updates. In the latter cases, refer to related Package Management subsections in reForis.


no change ( needed powerplug reboot ) here with the mox classic. Maybe it has to do that the reboot takes place over VPN?

I have been running it for a few days, no issues encountered so far (Turris Omnia 2020)

MOX A+C: reboot didn’t work again. No specialties just ordinary network. It hangs every time so I have to set updates to approval, oversee the process and cut the power which is pretty annoying.

|Device|CZ.NIC Turris Mox Board|
|reForis version|1.1.2|
|Turris OS version|5.3.10|
|Turris OS branch|HBS|
|Kernel version|4.14.280|

Omnia 2016 also no issues. So i rather wait for the Omnia 2022 so the MOX classic can become a backup dust collector :slight_smile:

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Hello, does sentinel/HAAS support ipv6? Looking at firewall rules and it seems no. Is support planned, or shall I uninstall it, as I’m public ipv6 only (ipv4 cgnat only)?

[DIKKEHENK]: Agreed, omnia 2016 is absolute keeper.

Omnia 2020 had to reboot manually to recover internet access to my LAN.

Omnia IG, days before the update I have switched from manual to automatic updates. Fortunately, no issue. Collectd was down, but it was due to no space left

TOS 5.3.11 is coming!

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