Turris OS 5.3.1 is in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,

We prepared a fixup release for Turris OS 5.3 series. This one is a primary security release. Also, it includes bug fixes and various updates.


  • Security update: ffmpeg, cyrus-sasl
  • Updated: kernel, knot-resolver, lighttpd, reforis, foris-controller-storage-module, pkglists, wireless-regdb, php7, bind, resolver-debug
  • Fixed: migration issue with gettext for Turris OS 3.x and specifiy vi path for cronie

How I am able to test this release?

Look at this article in our documentation for more details, including how you can switch to the HBT branch.

I found some regression. What I am supposed to do?

Don’t hesitate and reach our support department as soon as possible!

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.

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I will be updating from 5.2.7. Could turris team test this as well?

There’s some mission critical stuff running in lxc on an external ssd. I’d like to have minimal downtime…


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To reply to myself here, no it does not work. Beware.

Turris OS 5.3.1 was released.