Turris OS 5.2 no log file (USB Stick)

I use on my Turris Shield the new Turris OS 5.2.
Unfortunately, there is no log on the USB stick.

I think … the HBK branch is still a little in development …
You have TurrisOS 5.1.10 in the banner and probably TurrisOS 5.2.0 on the router.
It is interesting too … :slight_smile:

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This issue about version mismatch is for now in HBK. We are aware that it does not look, but it’s ok for the development purpose of this branch. It might be confusing, but that’s all. It happens as package base-files was not updated. More details: https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/turris-build/-/issues/205.

Regarding Turris Shield and log, I will check it, but not promise anything as there are some modifications to have it simplified.

Can you please try to restart syslog-ng service? /etc/init.d/syslog-ng restart.

It was shot out of dark. I suspected that issue was that configuration was enabled but syslog wasn’t restarted so log wasn’t being collected immediately. It turns out the issue is probably because there is missing file in package (the issue is in packaging).

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