Turris OS 5.2.7 is now in HBT branch

Dear Turris users,

We prepared for you a new security release. For now, you can find it in the HBT (Testing) branch. Most of these updates were already upstreamed to the OpenWrt 19.07 version, and the rest are waiting to be merged.

Here is the changelog:

* Updated kernel and fixed mac80211 vulnerability - CVE-2020-3702
* Fixed git vulnerability - CVE-2021-21300
* Fixed BIND vulnerability - CVE-2021-25218
* Fixed tor vulnerabilities - CVE-2021-34548, CVE-2021-34549, and CVE-2021-34550
* Fixed HAProxy vulnerability - CVE-2021-40346
* Security updates for irssi, python3
* Re-add systemd workaround for LXC

How can I opt-in to the Testing branch?

Follow this article in our documentation.

How can I report any regressions?

Don’t hesitate and reach our support department as soon as possible!

As always, we appreciate any feedback from our community regarding this release in the testing branch before we will release it to the wider audience.


Thanks for this upcoming security release!

The linux kernel list discussion for this entry is not very good reading… seems it took a year for the fix to appear in the stable kernels. (Closed source drivers had this fix last year).

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Thanks - currently it works really good. I had less attacks and far less crashes.
It runs all clean and smooth. No problems with Solus Linux 4.3 - at present runs in best way.

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It was released to the Stable branch.