Turris OS 5.2.4 is released!

Dear Turris users,

We want to inform you that we released Turris OS 5.2.4 to the Stable branch! It was in the testing branch for more than 2 weeks, and there were 2 RC releases.

What is new in this release?

  • We fixed downloading LXC images due to GPG server sks-keyservers.net deprecation
  • Security updates for Python3, ath10k-ct, MariaDB, libuv, apache2 packages
  • Bug fixes for syslog-ng, bind, schnapps, msmtp, nextdns, ddns/scripts, youtube-dl, snort3, czmq, yggdrasil, addrwatch, ruby

Will this update download and applied automatically?

  • If you are using automatic updates, then yes. We suggest updating from Turris OS 5.2.3.
    This release is for Turris 1.x, Turris Omnia, Turris MOX and Turris Shield devices.
  • If you are not using automatic updates, then check reForis to approve update.

I have found some bugs in this update. What should I do?

As always, feedback is appreciated regarding this release! Give us likes :thumbsup: or share on our Social Media! :slight_smile:


Just updated on Omnia from 5.2.3 to 5.2.4. Everything works smoothly. The only thing is that manually updating through the reForis Package Management / Updates interface the screen remained with the wheel spinning on the “Check and install updates” button until I rebooted. In fact, the update had been done in background. Going to About I read 5.2.4. Only after the reboot did I receive the update notification on the Overview page and by email. It looks like a bug in reForis.

I am not sure if it is related to this update, as I installed ddns yesterday, but after the today’s update I got this message from updater:

Updater selhal: Failed operations:
ddns-scripts_cloudflare.com-v4/preinst: e[31;1mDIEe[0m:Failed to exec /usr/lib/opkg/info//ddns-scripts_cloudflare.com-v4.preinst: Exec format error
ddns-scripts/preinst: e[31;1mDIEe[0m:Failed to exec /usr/lib/opkg/info//ddns-scripts.preinst: Exec format error
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this is reported already and is seen in all OpenWrt routers, it’s a problem with the package coming from upstream OpenWrt Turris OS 5.2.4 is now in the Testing branch! - #5 by peci1


Having the same issue with the ddns package. Is it harmless?

Yes, it’s harmless. Just to be super sure about it, you can check if the DDNS is running unless you didn’t configure it.

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Turris 1.0, DHCP for IPv4 no function,
I need to manually define an IPv4 address on each PC.

I expect that’s not really related to this update but happens for longer time (on some reboots), e.g. CZ thread: Nefunkční DHCP pro ipv4 po posledním udpate

MOX classic, HBS, WiFi, .5 GB, simple config, data collection. All seem to work OK, but:
unfortunately, there is stil missing vi (called by crontab -e):

/bin/sh: /usr/bin/vi: not found

which fortunately could be mended by creating a sofft link

ln -s /bin/vi /usr/bin/vi

Moreover, even though data collection is enabled, in Overview part of reForiis display it is marked as disabled :frowning:

Mmmh, after the update I rebooted my omnia today ad the system came up in a weird way. The omnia was able to reach the internet, and internal machines could reach each other and the omnia but not the internet. Issuing /etc/init.d/firewall restart brought back internet access to the internal machines. Not sure whether that was caused by the update but that is new behavior… (it might have happened once last weekend already, but there the omnia was power cycled before diagnosis was performed, somewhat hard to debug internet issues when 350 Km away from the router :wink: ).

I will monitor and try to create a new, better named thread if the issues appears again, but here I just want to collect information whether other’s have seen similar issues…

Dear all,
I found that after update, an OpenVPN client (non-Turris, different OpenWRT device) was unable to connect to server (Turris). Restart of client didn’t help, restart of server (TOS 5.2.3 upgraded to 5.2.4) helped. Has anybody similar experience?

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