Turris OS 5.2.4 is now in the Testing branch!

Dear Turris users,

We prepared and released Turris OS 5.2.4 in the Testing branch! This release brings you multiple security fixes and bug fixes like download LXC images.

That’s was updated in this release?

  • Security fixes: Python3, ath10k-ct, MariaDB, Apache2, libuv, apache2
  • Updated packages: msmtp, syslog-ng, czmq
  • Fixed downloading LXC images
  • Fixed schnapps with remote snapshots

If you want to try this release in the testing branch, follow our documentation. We will appreciate any feedback!


Error notifications

Updater failed: Failed operations:

ddns-scripts/preinst: e[31;1mDIEe[0m:Failed to exec /usr/lib/opkg/info//ddns-scripts.preinst: Exec format error

HBK branch :slight_smile: TO 2GB, 2xWiFi, simple config, HaaS, Ripe-Atlas, lxc - seems OK.

We do not cause this as the package ddns-script is maintained in OpenWrt packages feed. There is something wrong with the preinstall script. Feel free to create an issue :arrow_forward: Issues · openwrt/packages · GitHub

Otherwise, the update went smooth itself, and it should be alright.

Reported: ddns-scripts: preinst exec format error · Issue #16143 · openwrt/packages · GitHub

My running LXC container was stopped after the update and I had to start it manually. Is that expected?

This could be related as there is an updated lxc package. If you didn’t configure your LXC containers to auto-start after updating/restarting your router, that could be the culprit.

Would you point me to the relevant setting?

After some time, we released RC2!


  • security fix: mariadb
  • updated: syslog-ng and bind
  • bug fix for schnapps

The DDNS update bug should be fixed now. Is there gonna be another 5.3.x release to see if the fix worked?

Yes. We are aiming to release a new version into HBT this or next week.