Turris OS 5.2.1 is released!

Dear Turris community,

After about a week in the testing branch and 3 RC versions, we release Turris OS 5.2.1 for all!

Release notes for this release :

  • reForis: several bugfixes including a fixed guide for Turris 1.x and updated community translations
  • Updater: mostly improvements and bugfixes for the migration process from Turris OS 3.x
  • Fixed potential broken OpenVPN server due to missing DH parameters file
  • Fixed links in the Package management tab
  • Fixed WebApps for Transmission

This update will be downloaded and applied automatically if you are using automatic updates. If you don’t, you need to check the Updates tab in reForis.

If you find any bugs, please let us know by creating issue, and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.



there seems to be small “cosmetic” error, when using native IPv4 + HE IPv6 tunnel - all is working fine, but new applet says that IPv6 connectivity error - this is mistake - both IPv4 and IPv6 is working fine… Not fuctional error, only it looks wrong.


Starting with version 5.2.0, the Statistics charts broke. RRD data files are not created at all at the specified /srv/rrd location. Collectd and luci_ statistics are enable and started. In addition, they are installed rrdcgi1, rrdtool1, collectd-mod-rrdtool, librrd1, lighttpd-mod-rrdtool, rpcd-mod-rrdns, Simple uninstallation and re-installation from reForis does not help. I’ve been playing with it for days, and I’m having a hard time. I need a push in the right direction.

Syslog is full of error messages

Jun 7 17:12:48 turris foris-controller[5473]: WARNING:foris_controller_backends.collectd: Socket error occured ' [Errno 2] No such file or directory'

I had a similar problem, I did the following as a workaround:

$ mkdir -p /etc/collectd/conf.d

That directory is mentioned in /etc/config/luci_statistics and appears in the generated /etc/config/collectd but did not exist on my router.

I followed your instructions, +added a router restart and success came - Statistics work. Thank you, good fairy… I’ll sleep peacefully tonight :smiley:

And folder etc/collectd/conf.d is empty :slight_smile: (!! Never delete empty directories !!) :slight_smile:

No, these are not missing, please use a Search button first.

How long does it take until a standard non modified Turris Omnia get the Update?
(Current Foris-Version: 100.5.1, Turris OS: 3.11.23 )

You would need to migrate manually to 5.X first:

Then I will wait until an official Update arrive.
I assumed that this release was about a normal one. But my Forris still shows OS 5 As experimental update.


To be clear, 5(.2.1) is not experimental, only the automatic migration of configuration from 3.x is experimental so far.

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I updated a few times, and they all ended with the ETH2 interface being removed from the WAN. Schnapp-back and reinstall ended the same way. Not sure why this is happening.

My device is still on 5.2.0 (confirmed from the about page). It has not been auto-updated to 5.2.1, and “check updates” on reforis shows no updates available. no snapshots have happened as well, so that’s another confirmation that the upgrade has not happened. I cannot login to the router right now for poking around, but has anyone else seen this, or has an idea of what could be happening?

I would propose to update the updater, so you could modify the Updater text.
If not all configuration migration is on a released state you may could notify about that also in the updater.
See Attached Mockup:

From your post, there isn’t anything that could indicate your problem, how you configured your router, etc. You need to reach the technical support and describe your setup as much as possible and send diagnostics. Otherwise, without provided details, we can not help you.

The check of the IPv6 connectivity gateway could be correct even it does not seems like it. It shows the results based on the check_connection command. You can check it out or share it with our technical support department.

Based on your post, I can not see insights or any logs/outputs that would provide me at least some hints on how to help you. In any case, as it is advised in OP, please, reach your technical support, and they will help you with your issue.

There are not going to be any further modifications of Foris. It is obsolete and deprecated in favor of reForis, which is available since Turris OS 4.0. Maybe you can see some minor tweaks regarding (automatic)migration, like having a bigger button in UI, but that’s all. All your details from the screenshot are in the documentation, which can be updated anytime and doing something which you propose requires releasing a new version of Turris OS. Duplicating details is no good way to go.

Actually, to be more correct about migration, it depends on your router’s configuration, and usually, it goes fine. I would say that even now, there is a time to consider automatic migration before it happens for everyone. Turris OS 5.x is not experimental as you can see here, migration is.

The cause why I propose an enhancement for Foris is because at moment you only are able to get a hint about this update from visiting this forum. Normal user may not able to recognize this.

Software Updates are important especially security updates.

We will promote the migration soon on our social media and try to send notification about that. We can not force the migration to everyone, yet and that’s why it is not done.

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