Turris OS 5.2.1 is in HBT (Testing) branch

Dear Turris users,

Even though Turris OS 5.2 was for such a long time in the Testing branch, some issues were found after releasing it to the stable branch. So, now it’s time to call you to participate in the Testing branch, where you currently find Turris OS 5.2.1!

What is new or what has been changed in this release?

:point_right: New version of reForis + updated community translations
:point_right: New version of Updater, which brings improvements for the migration process
:point_right: Fixed WebApps for Transmission
:point_right: Fixed potential broken OpenVPN server due to missing DH parameters file after update to 5.2

How can I participate in the testing branch?

:point_right: This link leads to documentation, where it is explained.

Where can I report bugs?

:point_right: This link also leads to our documentation.

We would be glad to hear your voices regarding this release.

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It is a pleasure to let you know Turris OS 5.2.1 RC2 was released! :tada:

Changelog against RC1
:point_right: Fixed links in Package management tab
:point_right: reForis now supports more extended HaaS tokens Backend already supports it, but frontend does not right now. Will be fixed later.
:point_right: Rewritten changelog to have it more straightforward for non-technical users

Because we enjoy release parties as you do, there’s going to be one more RC version before Turris OS 5.2.1 goes to production.


A few minutes ago, we released Turris OS 5.2.1 RC3 with a minimal changes:

  • dropped dependency in banip

5.2.1 is released even without receiving a feedback from community.