Turris OS 5.1.3 has been released in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,

We like to inform you that you can find a new fixup release Turris OS 5.1.3, which is now in the Testing branch. In this release, there are a lot of fixes for security vulnerabilities and we advise anyone to update to this version as soon as possible to protect your home against Internet Threats.

What’s new?

  • Fixed issue when CA for OpenVPN was not created in some cases
  • Make factory reset on Turris Shield easier - long pressing RESET button does factory reset
  • Updated Python to version 3.7.9
  • Updated adblock, zoneinfo, tinyproxy, logrotate, nextdns, netdata, bind, python3-urllib3, btrfs-progs, libuv, nano, chrony, uci, kernel, reptyr, psmisc
  • We marked the configuration file for nextdns, so in this update, it gets overwritten once again and since then the system would be aware that it should not overwrite it in upcoming updates. Thank you for reporting this issue on Reddit.

Fixed CVEs:

  • tinyproxy: CVE-2017-11747
  • python-urllib3: CVE-2020-26137
  • chrony: CVE-2020-14367
  • libuv: CVE-2020-8252
    and more.

To test this release you need to be part of the community which helps us to improve the release be opt in to Testing branch before it gets released to everyone. You need to use SSH to your router and proceed with this command:

switch-branch hbt

More details about all branches can be found in our documentation here.

We would appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


MOX hangs after restart.

@viktor Thank you for your reply, but we know that it happens for some MOXes. We are still investigating this issue and cooperating with the SoC manufacturer. It does not help if you are going to write it under each thread which you are going to find. For the bug, which you report, there is an issue created on our Gitlab.

If you want, there’s still a possibility to do RMA of your MOX. Don’t hesitate and reach the technical support department.

We are interested to hear feedback regarding the release.


MOX single config, WiFi, all seems OK.

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No IPv4 on LAN after the overnight reboot and more reboots won’t help (Omnia). Apparently DHCPv4 is broken, as clients don’t get any default IPv4 route. Other critical aspects seem to work and much stuff is saved by IPv6.

Looking at diags, maybe this part of logs is relevant:

Oct 30 03:30:42 turris dnsmasq[3848]: started, version 2.80 DNS disabled
Oct 30 03:36:31 turris dnsmasq[3848]: overflow: 2 log entries lost
Oct 30 02:36:31 turris /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: Refresh kresd leases
Oct 30 03:36:31 turris dnsmasq-script[3848]: uci: Entry not found
Oct 30 02:36:31 turris /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: Refresh kresd leases
Oct 30 03:36:32 turris dnsmasq-script[3848]: uci: Entry not found
Oct 30 02:36:32 turris /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: Refresh kresd leases
Oct 30 03:36:32 turris dnsmasq-script[3848]: uci: Entry not found
Oct 30 02:36:32 turris /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: Refresh kresd leases
Oct 30 03:36:32 turris dnsmasq-script[3848]: uci: Entry not found
Oct 30 02:36:32 turris /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: Refresh kresd leases

I’m sending diags to support.

Thanks! In any case, I have filled an issue on Gitlab to take a look at it https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/turris-build/-/issues/197

So, here goes another RC2 version of Turris OS 5.1.3.

Changes in this version are:

  • dropped Transmission variants (openssl, mbedtls) according to upstream change in OpenWrt master branch and now, there is just one variant. Because of that, if you will install luci-app-transmission, it will install transmission with it. This change is included in OpenWrt LuCI master branch now.
  • update version of reForis, there should be fix for WebSockets as some of you experienced infinite loading while using remote connection to your router.
  • updated bind to the latest version 9.16.8, which has tweaks for DNS Flag Day 2020 and for other resolvers, it will come with version Turris OS 5.1.4.
  • updated youtube-dl to the latest version, which is these days 2020.11.1.1

Is the OpenVPN-client finally expected to be working as intended
(meaning as a working router-bridge into the connected network)?

Will the pushed DNS server address be recognized?
(As long it is isn’t working, the use case of the Turris shield tends to practically none … )

MOX classic, basic config, seems to work OK (LAN + WiFi).
BUT: reboot problem persist, often I need more than 3 attempts to get MOX working :frowning: Fortunately I do not depend on MOX as working device, I use it as backup AP for time being. And, more than fortunately I made and use external power cord enhanced by power switch, otherwise I got long time before mad by trying to reset MOX by this unhappy hiden reset switch of MOX. What is problem fixing such a nuisance with reboot of MOX?
Please do not be mistaken, i really appretiace hard work of Turris team, but such problems hinder use of MOX router in real deployment.

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If you have any issues related to the OpenVPN client, please reach our Technical support department, and our developers will take a look at it.