Turris OS 5.0.3 has reached the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,

In the HBT (Testing) branch :turtle: you can now find Turris OS 5.0.3. This release is out there for all the Turris routers. If you are using HBT branch, you will be automatically updated to this version. If not, you will need to switch by using command switch-branch hbt.

This version has an updated kernel, where is fixed CVE-2020-10757 and introduced fallback mechanism to IPv4 for syslog-ng, if you removed WAN6 interface and other bug fixes with package updates as Knot Resolver, WireGuard and so son.

Any feedback regarding this release is appreciated.


I think this bump broke DHCP (v4) until I restarted the Omnia.

As I was unable to get an IPv4, it was harder for me to gather logs and I needed working internet fast, so I rebooted it and thus I don’t think I can salvage more information from the event now.

Turris OS 5.0.3 was released yesterday.