Turris OS 4: Missing kmod-jool on Turris 1.x

Hello everyone,
I have just upgraded from Turris OS 3 to Turris OS 4.0.5 on the ol’ good Turris 1.0 (Modrák) with the expectation that there will be the kmod-jool and jool-tools packages.
Sadly the packages are missing - is this intentional? I have been told the packages exist on Omnias.
Let’s compare:

Is there a reason this package is missing? Is there perhaps a guide on how to (re)compile an OpenWRT package (with a kernel module) for Turris OS 4? Assuming Jool will work on PowerPC at all…



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Hello @zajdee,

I’m glad to hear that you upgraded from Turris OS 3.x series to 4.0.5 on your router. I hope that everything works well for you.

In Turris OS 4.0.5, which is based on OpenWrt 18.06. I can confirm that package kmod-jool is being missing for PowerPC. I am not sure why the package is not there. I see that for Turris Omnia router it is there [1]. But I have good news for you on this one. We are working on Turris OS 5.0, which is currently in HBT (Testing branch) and the kmod-jool [2] is there for PowerPC as well. This release is based on top of OpenWrt 19.07. There is not going to be any Turris OS 4.x release anymore as OpenWrt 18.06 has scheduled EoL next month and we need to move on.

[1] https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/omnia/packages/core/
[2] https://repo.turris.cz/hbt/turris1x/packages/core/


Hi Pepe,
thanks for the swift reply. Considering Turris OS 5 is in testing, is it safe to upgrade to it now?


It’s depent what are you using. For example mwan3 not and you can also experienced problems with DSL connection (the second one also in latest TOS 4).

@viktor What kind of issues with DSL did you see? (I am not really using mwan3 as I have seen issues with its configuration on systems with two independent IPv6 upstreams.)

This one.

@viktor, may I know what are you talking about? mwan3 is working in Turris OS 4.x and Turris OS 5.x releases. It does not work on Turris OS 3.x and it is included it in Errata. Based on your posts on the forum, I understand that you don’t like us. I would like you to be respectful for others. These issues, which you are describing it, did you experience them yourself? All of these packages require configuration and each configuration can be unique and your posts are not helpful. If you would like to change that, I propose you share some logs to be able to see what’s wrong. I should say that we are not developers or maintainers of ppp/mwan3 in OpenWrt.

I don’t think that it is well deserved to scare guru of DSL and IPv6 in the Czech Republic from you.

@viktor thanks, I have checked my PPPoE stats and the connection is stable (I use PPPoE over VLAN 848 over one of the LAN ports; DSL modem is remote powered via PPPoE and therefore connected to a PoE switch, the same switch Turris is connected to.)

Sorry that you need to go through all the @viktor’s posts. I should need to do something about that. We should get back to the idea of this thread and it was about missing kmod-jool in Turris OS 4.x and it is included in Turris OS 5.0 as we are getting slightly offtopic. Some people are offensive. It happens and we need to live with that. People, who are satisfied are not usually sharing their thoughts.

It is a very interesting question. I’m convinced that if I would write anything, it will turn back to me at least on Twitter, haha. :slight_smile:

We together pointed out Turris OS 5.0 is in testing. It is a huge step from us and there are not many differences as it was during Turris OS 3.x and Turris OS 4.x. To use it, it is simple. There is a command switch-branch and it will do most stuff for you. There were found some bugs, but many of those are described in the long testing thread. Nothing that should prevent using regular things or what you expect from the router except not working dynamic DHCP clients related if you are using Knot Resolver as we introduced its update very recently. Affects just Turris Omnia, Turris MOX. Our fault and the fix is currently on review. Knot Resolver isn’t in OpenWrt for PowerPC, yet.

In some conditions as there was mention, there are some issues in DSL. We are not sure what it is causing it. It happens since Turris OS 4.0. We need to test it further. It does not necessarily mean that every DSL connection is affected. We don’t have Terminator from CETIN, yet and not many of us have DSL connection and it makes it harder for debugging. :frowning:

Package ppp comes from OpenWrt as it is. As many those packages since Turris OS 4.0. We have patches in turris-build repository and our own feed of Turris OS packages and the rest comes as it is.

OpenWrt 19.07 has many packages updated if I compare it with OpenWrt 18.06. There could be some changes in configuration and some options deprecated. Before you are planning to do some changes than basic stuff, yes. I would try to jump on it. For example, I’m using it on a daily basis.
And once it is released, you can stay safe on HBS.

Hopefully, it will help you with your decision.

//EDIT: And before you ask, no. It was not me, who flagged @viktor’s posts in this thread.


I don’t understand why my posts is hidden and you make fun of them.

I answered to question if it safe to upgrade to TOS 5 in HBT if you are using DSL.

You have confirmed the DSL problem, so this is not about scare.

Of course, you didn’t flag my posts in this topic and being hidden is not your worth!

For example, what’s wrong to thank somebody?

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Guys, sorry, there was no scare from anyone and I was not offended in any way (really). (And I am not sure if calling me a DSL guru is correct. :D)

Can we somehow unhide @viktor’s post, please? (I seem to be unable to do that myself as I’m just a regular user as most of us here.)

The PPPoE issues as reported on gitlab seem to be very valid to me - I’m just so lucky not to be affected.

Thank you all for your valuable input (I have postponed the TOS 4 upgrade for a long time, but it is an interesting experience too).

I will give the update to TOS 5 a try tonight (when every other Internet user at our house is asleep). Let’s consider the original issue as closed with a wontfix result (if I got it right, TOS 4 is no longer in active development of new features, hence the wontfix).

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Yes, the new version of TOS 4 should not come out anymore.

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