Turris OS 4.0 beta6 is released!

Dear Turris users,

We just released Turris OS 4.0 - beta6. This release is for Turris Omnia and Turris MOX.

Release notes:

  • Based on latest OpenWrt 18.06.4
  • Fixed Foris error manifesting in network tab in some configurations
  • irssi: CVE-2019-13045
  • asterisk{13,15}: fix AST-2019-003

When you are using our previous beta release - Turris OS 4.0 beta5, you should be updated to this version within a few hours automatically.

If you are using Turris Omnia, which is running Turris OS 3.x release and would like to start from scratch, you need to download medkit, don’t extract it and just move it to the USB flash drive, which it is good to have it formatted on EXT2/3/4, plug it to the Turris Omnia router and by using re-flash method (4 LED), it will erase all the data from the current operating system including and write there a new operating system.

We appreciate any feedback for this release.

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Known bugs:

Turris Omnia specific

  • Second CPU ethernet port to switch chip is disabled, only one of two ethernet ports between CPU and switch is in use.
  • Old version of libmariadb when using Nextcloud from Turris OS 3.11.x.

Turris 1.x specific

  • Currently not working because of kernel issues . Please do not test this release on Turris 1.x.
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Update works.
Router works.
LXC works.
OpenVPN - client (routing) still not.

I’ve solved firewall bug with openvpn client here:

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