Turris OS 4.0 beta10 is released for testing (HBT)

Dear Turris users,

We are releasing a new beta version of Turris OS 4.0 for Turris MOX and Turris Omnia routers to HBT (Testing) branch.

Full changelog for this beta10 release:

  • haveged: updated to version 1.9.6
  • keepalived: update to version 1.4.5, fix CVE-2018-19115
  • lighttpd: updated to version 1.4.54, fix CVE-2019-11072
  • libarchive: updated to version 3.4.0, multiple CVE fixes
  • bind: updated to version 9.11.10, multiple CVE fixes
  • dovecot: updated to version, fix CVE-2019-7524
  • nano: updated to version 4.4
  • unbound: updated to version 1.9.3
  • nextcloud: updated to version 16.0.4
  • bzip2: fix CVE-2019-12900
  • wget: fix CVE-2018-20483
  • wolfssl: fix CVE-2018-16870, CVE-2019-13628
  • iptables: fix CVE-2019-11360
  • tar: fix CVE-2018-20482, CVE-2019-9923
  • musl: fix CVE-2019-14697
  • patch: fix CVE-2019-1363{6,8}
  • apinger: updated to the latest git revision
  • speedtest-netperf: new package

If you would like to test this release, you need to switch to this branch with the following command:

switch-branch hbt

When you are using HBS (Stable) branch, you will need to wait until we release it for everyone.
We appreciate any feedback for this release.

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So no issues with CPU switch switch interconnect anymore?

Edit: Reboot seemed to work but after further tests doesn’t look like it.

I think some betas back they stated that this problem will take longer (months to years) to get resolved, because they are waiting for upstream to merge the changes…

So beta9 is/was “stable”, but beta10 is “testing”? So is… beta 10 same as beta of beta 11? Or will beta 10 get into stable later? I haven’t noticed branching being used on earlier beta releases. Also concept of stable/testing with beta versions is strange.

Everything in branch HBT is testing (release candidate) a everything in branch HBS is stable (deploy).

Beta 8, beta 9 … is only numbering of TurrisOS 4.x versions

Is it clear?

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RC for a beta version is totally new concept to me, but ok.

EDIT: anyhow it’s good if it means more stable beta versions. As it feels like this beta program will be as long as Gmail had.


We are releasing a new RC2 release of beta10.


  • dovecot: Update to version
  • dovecot-pigeonhole: Update to
  • Foris: small improvements for translations
  • kernel: bump to version 4.14.142

Connection between Omnia and MOX via Foris still not functional.

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What do you mean exactly?



It’s released for everyone!