Turris OS 3.9.5 is out!

Dear Turris users,
we just released Turris OS 3.9.5. This release is just small fixup release.
Users, who use SSH honeypot, which is called Honeypot as a Service should see sessions on HaaS website and by default we disabled logging for HaaS.

Release notes:
• HaaS: fix session pairing, disabled logging by default
• Foris: updated description for Access tokens
• updater: fix dependencies
• suricata: workaround for some IPv6 issues

We are looking forward to reading your feedback,
Team Turris

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Update OK.
Turris 1.0 BRTFS, client Openvpn.
Omnia 2GB Openvpn server.

2x Turris Omnia with OpenVPN all seems ok after update

I have noticed that Haas has not listed any entries for two days. Afternoon was the last entry. The process is running. No changes to the entire system. Does one have the same phenomenon?

Best regards

Can confirm it. Last records are from 9th of February.

HaaS is running on my Omnia - connection to port 22 is forwarded to haas-app.nic.cz.
But las entry on haas.nic.cz is from 10.2. 03:06.

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Hello guys,
you was right, but HaaS was and is working.

But there was some issue regarding with displaying data on web, which is now solved and we’re importing all the data from the weekend and in a less than a two hours you should see them. :slight_smile:

I can confirm, that I can see data on web now.

Can also confirm that now everything is displayed again