Turris OS 3.8.6 for Omnia deployed!

Dear Turris users,

we just released Turris OS 3.8.6. This release is quite limited and fixes just one but nevertheless very important bug. Unfortunately solution is currently available only for Omnia users, we have no solution for old Turris routers yet.

What is the bug about? Since the dawn of time, our routers were able to run software compiled just for them. Quite some users complained that they can’t run they favorite text editor their friend wrote and that we don’t have it in repositories and cross-compilation using SDK is not end-user friendly. And that we should have used MS-DOS 6.22 to avoid all those problems. With 3.8.6, we finally at least partially address those complains and now you can finally run statically linked 386 (and x86_64) Linux binaries on your router. All you need to do is install qemu package that is now available in your repositories.

Enjoy and let us know any interesting use-cases you will find :slight_smile:


An observation with this release: I had automatic updates/automatic installation enabled this time. I rebooted the router manually through foris immediately after the notice that a reboot was required a couple of days ago.

Last night, however, the router still unnecessarily auto-rebooted at the auto-install designated time (3:30AM).

I guess I shouldn’t complain but: what a strange feature to support in a router :confused:

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Did you put your /tmp or /var on persistent storage?

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Ah yes! /tmp is still tmpfs but I did make /var persistent a long time ago. I presume that’s where it stores some kind of flag indicating a reboot is needed, assuming it’ll be automatically lost after a reboot.

I think I could probably change /var back to tmpfs and just make the logs persist on ssd.


Yep, it uses at command which writes it into /var and thanks to var being tmpfs it normally gets cleared on reboot.

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Omnia 2GB, TOS - 3.8.6
New LXC container don’t create. Olds containers run OK.

Try installing real wget as from https://forum.test.turris.cz/t/lxc-lxc-create-fails-due-to-missing-ssl-support/5750/6