Turris OS 3.11 is out!

Right after the update (before restarting), I see these issues:

  • DDNS stopped updating with these errors spit out in the log every minute (fixed after restart):
18:19:00 err ddns-scripts[8548]: myddns_ipv4: BusyBox nslookup error: 127
18:19:00 warning ddns-scripts[8548]: myddns_ipv4: Get registered/public IP for xxx.ddns.net failed - retry 63/0 in 60 seconds
  • mosquitto service was stopped and not started again when updater finished (fixed after restart)

  • pip3-installed package paho.mqtt got uninstalled

  • luci statistics are working :slight_smile:

I think the fact that ddns stopped working before restart should be considered a bug, because somebody might rely on ddns updates to remotely connect to his router before the restart.

What should I do for my pip packages to survive the update?