Turris OS 3.11.22 is in RC

Dear Turris users,

We released a new version of Turris OS 3.11.22 in RC.

In this release, you can find updated several packages such as updater-ng, knot-resolver, unbound. There is a security fix for a recently discovered vulnerability against cross-site scripting in Foris.

We hear your voices about opt-in migration for Turris 1.x (the blue one) and we temporarily disabled migration for these routers. This is mentioned only in the Czech notification as these routers were given under contract in the Czech Republic.

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


TO 2GB, 2xWiFi, simple config, HaaS, Ripe-Atlas, Ludus, lxc - seems OK.

There were some errors/warnings while doing update via SSH pkgupdate:

turris-version: 3.11.21
branch: rc
root@turris:~# pkgupdate
WARN:Collision with existing path. Moving /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf to /usr/share/updater/collided/etc/opkg
INFO:Running postinst of turris-version
/usr/lib/opkg/info//turris-version.postinst: /usr/lib/opkg/info/turris-version.postinst-pkg: line 18: syntax error: unterminated quoted string
Output from turris-version.postinst:
/usr/lib/opkg/info//turris-version.postinst: /usr/lib/opkg/info/turris-version.postinst-pkg: line 18: syntax error: unterminated quoted string

Anyhow, TO seems working :wink:

Thanks for letting me know. The fix is on its way!

Turris 1.0, RC 3.11.22, Atlas, HaaS, Ludus, NAS, OpenVPN, Samba, MiniDLNA, no problem.

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Here goes another RC version of Turris OS 3.11.22.

What has been changed?

  • For current users in RC nothing new.
  • For new users in RC, there is a fixed post-install in turris-version package, which is going to be applied to all new installations of turris-version package.