Turris OS 3.11.19 is out!

Dear Turris users,

We just released Turris OS 3.11.19 from the RC branch. There are two security updates for curl and mbedtls and various package updates and the last thing is the notification if you don’t have filled Region for your router, which could result in decrease of Wi-FI stability in some cases.


  • notification: check if country is set for stable working Wi-Fi
  • curl, mbedtls: security updates
  • unbound, mdadm, youtube-dl, smartmontools, msmtp, haveged: update
  • obfsproxy, obfs4proxy, yara: removed not-available packages
  • knot-resolver: DNSSEC key is read-only

As always, we appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


Thank you @viktor for pointing our release notes for the upcoming release. These are still subject to be changed as it is part of the pull request, where I let my colleagues know about it. Yesterday, we found a serious bug in experimental optional migration. It affects Turris 1.x routers and because of that, we need to release a new version of Turris OS 3.x soon. There are not many changes as you can see, so it should be smooth.