Turris OS 3.11.16 is released into RC

Dear Turris users,

Turris OS 3.11.16 is being released to the RC branch. There are two security updates for packages tor and subversion and several package updates.

Release notes for this release:
• tor, subversion: security update
• msmtp, curl, atlas-sw-probe, reptyr, btrfs-progs, nextcloud, youtube-dl, netdata, netmetr: update

Would like to try this release? You need to use the following command, which switches you to RC branch.

switch-branch rc

If you find any bugs, let us know.

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Turris 1.0, new RC, new error?
Change to Lease time (hours) 12h → 6h…

I am not sure if I read the screenshot well (the resolution or quality of lossy compression is low) and if I understand what you tried to report. However, you set DHCP pool beginning to and the size to 256 addresses. This is really not possible in a network with /24 ( mask and thus with 254 usable addresses.

Error message in the Foris seems legit for me.


I’ll change only Lease time…


Probably a bug in Metrix, after restart it is not possible.

I am not sure, however it is possible checks in Foris have been improved. Pool beginning at ...3 and pool size 255 leases does not make sense in /24 subnet.


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The UI applies the whole page, not what you’ve changed, so if some settings were bad already, you can’t simply change others before fixing what’s wrong. There actually is a bug in Foris DHCP-range checks, but it is not affecting cases where netmask ends in zero (i.e. the bug affects almost noone).

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Thank you @commar for testing this release in RC. Even in this time, we should help each other and I think I might be able to send you some small surprise as we appreciate any user who is trying to provide feedback about RC releases. I will send you PM and we will solve the rest there.



@commar I am sorry if my response sounds mean. I just wanted to point out what’s wrong and that it’s not an issue of the new release (and it turned out rather a fix in the new release).

Thank you for your testing and reports.