Turris OS 3.11.14 is out

Dear Turris users,

We released Turris OS 3.11.14 from the RC branch for Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia routers. In this release, there is fixed CVE-2020-7982 in opkg. Opkg is a package manager and it is used when you want to install packages manually. Automatically updates are not affected as they are managed by updater-ng that is without this flaw. This release brings you also two updated packages youtube-dl and wireguard.

Changelog for Turris OS 3.11.14 release:
• opkg: security update
• wireguard, youtube-dl: update

We welcome any feedback regarding this release.


Hello @viktor,

I still think that it does not make any sense to post a reply with only git commit, which I’ve done at 1 am that day without saying anything. Because in that case, you can share each commit, which we do as we are an open-source project. For someone, it can mean that changelog has been leaked and it is not that case. :wink:

It does not make any sense to share the initial changelog. Because it does not mean that all of those changes will be included or that’s all the changes, which will be included in the next release. And there could be a completely different changelog. As for now, I know about two more things, which are going to be there. :stuck_out_tongue: So, let’s rather wait when the RC is released and announced by us.

I would rather see things which are useful and helpful, for example, if you are looking for some ideas I can think that community can create Czech threads about releases but only if you want to have them.

There seem to be plans to update Turris OS from 3.** to 5.** . Somehow this is always mentioned in the 5.** threads, but that is it. Is there any status page where one can see if this will come sooner or later?

This one? https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/turris-os-packages/issues/344

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Great update guys, after the update the router stopped routing and had to be restarted. Very enjoyable if we don’t allow remote management.

This update was released a month ago and you reported this issue just now. As you can see no one else encountered such issues till now. I’d like to ask you to proceed with the article for Getting help.