Turris OS 3.11.13 is out

Dear Turris users,

We released Turris OS 3.11.13 from RC branch for the routers Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia. This is just a security releases, which fixes vulnerabilities in openssl, ffmpeg and unbound. There are bug fixes, which someone of you reported to us here like missing DNS port for Google servers and also package updates, for example, Nextcloud, which we updated to version 16.0.7.

Release notes:
• openssl, ffmpeg, unbound: security update
• kernel, resolver-conf, knot-resolver, nextcloud: update

Enjoy the release.


Still not fixed.

This is not a criticism, but a statement of fact.

Since version 3.11.13, the test Test DNSSEC resolveru s žolíkovými doménami reports an error - during the day there will be a period when the error is repeated more than 20 times in a row. I’m testing for 5-10 minutes. I’ve been observing the problem for about 3 days. Restarting the router will not improve anything. In previous versions, it was always without a any mistake.


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In my case, all test was succeeded with the same settings.

Hmm, weird. My Omnia with same version and TLS-forwarding to Cloudflare always succeeds :man_shrugging: As it happens repeatedly, you could gather a verbose log for the test and from that we should see in more detail what’s wrong.

//EDIT: Please follow the details, which are mention in our documentation. You are posting here your sensitive data. Those verbose logs shouldn’t be published here!

That debug creates awfully big logos… it took me a long time to save it.
Log from period 14:19 to 14:23 hour … is 1,3 Mb

Log captures the period with problems … now it’s ready.


Thanks for … EDIT.

I assume you copied the log to yourself… otherwise, I’ll send it to you by message or email.

I wasn’t so fast. Please send to vladimir.cunat@nic.cz

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Ja mam vysledky tohoto testu ponekud jine :frowning: (pri stejnem nastaveni)

New releases continue in rapid succession. Will be mwan fixed in this version?

And is there any wrong that I would like to bring releases to you faster than previously? Even there is a changelog, it does not necessarily mean that it will be released next week. When I was at some conferences, I met some people, who said that we are not releasing so often and on the other hand, AFAIK there is just you, who has doubts about new releases in Turris OS 3.x version. Also, same discussed in Czech thread: Tempo nových verzí You said that there are some security vulnerabilities in an older version of the kernel and if we are going to update it. So, let’s update it, test it and perhaps release it. But now it seems that you don’t want it.

About mwan, if you want to have it working, you can use Turris OS 4.x. release. You are still asking if it is going to be fixed. Any pull requests are welcome and we have replied to you regarding the mwan issue in this thread: Turris OS 3.11.12 not solved issues. No changes since than and I flag your post as off-topic, because I think it is. Thread about releases should be just about issues, which appeared to be fixed in the next release or if there isn’t any issue. It does not make sense to ask repeatedly the same thing each time. :wink:


I wrote that something is wrong? It is admirable what you can deduce from a few words.

DNSSEC test on the page https://en.internet.nl/

The problem makes forwarding to Cloudflare - after it is switched off, both tests are positive result.

In the forward settings, the test results during the day are intermittently YES or NO.

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Mistake. My last test works on 3.11.12, not 3.11.13. After postponed update, test no. 4 is also unsuccessful.

Restarts with the new kernel versions continues. Security compromised.

It’s unconfirmed. It was not released to you. Calm down. Seriously. How security is compromised? What? Did you read my last post? It needs to be tested! Nothing more and nothing else.

If version Turris OS 3.11.14 comes with kernel security update and problems with restart continues, security is compromised.