Turris OS 3.10.1 in RC

Dear Turris users,

We just released bugfix release 3.10.1 into RC. Nothing big, mostly just fixes, but still we would be grateful if it gets some more community testing. Official release notes are as follows:

  • foris: support 6in4 and 6 to4
  • foris: ability to set protocol in VPN
  • kernel: update and UAS driver
  • foris-pakon: bug and compatibility fixes
  • odhcp6c: fix after update
  • netmetr: fix synchronization code

As always, if you encounter any new issue, let us know.

Installed, restarted, removed WAN 6in4 workaround and WAN6 using 6in4 view works! Good job!

Maybe, the password for 6in4 should be hidden …

Turris 1.1

Is this included?

Yes, new version of ddns-scripts is included.

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Turris 1.0 OK (simple configuration - Openvpn client)

TO, nas, smb and tm. Everything seems to work fine.
Wi-Fi signal seems to be stronger.
Wan > Connection test - Nice refinement.
Region and time > Update time - Shows (shifts time to) UTC? It’s that correct? So I didn’t try to Save changes.
Wi-Fi > eye - Nice feature.
uCollect & firewall log - Seems to work again.
Storage - What are this loops in Storage? Should I worry?

Hi Perry,
thank you for your feedback.

About Storage plugin, we need more details.
Would you please send us diagnostics to tech.support@turris.cz, which you can generate in Foris?

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Done. I sent to support. thx

tech.support(at)turris.cz: "I’ve managed to reproduce your issue with the Storage plugin, when I installed kernel module kmod-loop. We’ll look why this kernel module causes it and if it can be solved.

In your case, as the fastest solution, I can recommend you to uninstall this kernel module and then restart your router, of course, if you don’t use it."

Awesome, that was fast. I’ll have to review the documentation to see if I installed it, or I can turn it off. thank you

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About the “Storage” functionality … can anybody confirm if once it’s configured, then other services like netmeter, pagon, proxy server, samba, etc… will actually use it and store their data to that?

Or do you have to go in and manually reconfigure each of those additional services to actually use the “Storage” as configured?

I don’t have it on. I’m not early adopter. My problem is described above, even without storage enabled.