Turris Omnia's power supply specifications

The power supply that came with my Turris Omnia has gone missing. I would like to get another one locally (I am in Singapore) and have been searching for the specs. Appreciate any pointers.



See the picture in this post: Turris MOX hardware specifications

I guess it is safe to use even a slightly less powerful supply, unless you power lots of peripherals. The original supply is a bit over-provisioned.

Could Omnia serve 2.5HDD + 2-3 USB DVB T/T2 sticks? I am not sure, if thats related only to main power supply, or if hypothetically USB doesnt limit it somehow (and therefore powered USB hub would be wise).

Thank you. That’s very helpful.

Adding the picture here for completeness.omnia-turris-power

According to schematics, there should be over-current protection set to around 2.2 Amps per port, which should be enough. But this also depends on the USB Hub and the signalling that is part of the USB protocol, so it’s hard to tell in advace. Just give it a try :wink: