Turris Omnia Wifi 6 and Telekom Glasfaser Modem 2

I currently have the fiber optic Telekom Modem 2 which is connected to a Telekom Speedport Pro Plus router (WAN port).
The Turris router that manages the internal network is then connected to the Speedport LAN Port.
Can I do without the Speedport and simply plug the fiber optic modem directly into the Turris WAN port?
Would that work? Is there anything to consider?

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Yes, the speedport can be replaced. You need to use VLAN7 on the turris wan port connected to the router. You also likely need your pppoe username and password (or configure easy login in the kundencenter, then you can use any value for username and password.)

You will need to think about telephony voip somehow, as turris does not support that (out of the box).

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I have a similiar setup here (but with Deutsche Glasfaser and a media converter I cannot get rid of - this is something the Deutsche Telekom does ultimately right…) and got a cheap older Fritz!Box from a former DSL-contract (but can also be bought on ebay for below 15€), that acts as VOIP-basis for phone connected wiredly. Don’t knowing the power consumption of the speed port I can really recommend the Fritz!Box for that job - my installed Fritz!Box 7520 only consumes 1,5W in idle mode with all other services turned off.


Hi @moeller0 @ssdnvv

I am familiar with VLAN in Turris or OpenWRT, but what exactly do you mean by VLAN7?
Do you have any links/instructions on how to configure this? Or also how configure VOIP? I prefer to do this then in the Luci interface.
I also don’t have a user or password. My connection configures always itself by the Telekom.

Because of VOIP.
That would also be a way to avoid the cumbersome configuration in OpenWRT or is it easy?
So you have the Turris and also a 7520 as a “VOIP router”?
How do I have to imagine that then? Do I also need access data for Telekom to set my phone numbers or is it configured in the same way as when the router is the main router?

Deutsche Telekom requires that users use VLAN 7 for the ethernet frames transporting the PPPoE tunnelled packets.

Sure in (or whatever IPv4 address your router uses) enter 7 into the field called “Set the VLAN ID” and enable the “Enable VLAN” checkbox

You can not, the turris omnia (or stock OpenWrt for that matter) does not contain a SIP base, so can by itself not be used for telephony. The simplest solution is to add a SIP-basestation to your internal network and configure that for telekom voip.
That could be either a fritzbox, or likely even the speedport you seem to own, or a dedicated device. I use an old gigaset C610ip I bought a decade ago exactly to not having to bother about getting SIP working under OpenWrt.

Not exactly, I have:
a) Fritzbox 7520 running under OpenWrt and acting as bridged modem
b) turris omnia as primary router without SIP/VoIP functionality
c) gigaset c610ip base station configured for my ISP’s SIP servers

I initially wanted to actually move my telephony away from my ISP to a dedicated SIP provider to gain more independence from my ISP, but it turns out we use VoIP rarely enough that I stopped bothering…

I am not exactly sure what information I needed to configure the c610ip for telekom VoIP back when I was a telekom customer, but IIRC I quickly found instructions on the web.


Many thanks for the detailed information.
But I’m just wondering whether it’s not easier overall to just leave the provider router connected upstream if I can’t get rid of it anyway. The provider only sees the Turris but not what is hidden behind it.
Or what are the technical advantages if the Turris is connected directly to the modem? It probably won’t be any faster.
I would prefer to have just the Turris, but if it’s not possible…

But you can get rid of it… Now you can put OpenWrt behind your Speedport (so the speedport still handles PPPoE and telephony) but now you have to deal with double NAT. Depending on what you do that is not a show-stopper, but it can be annoying having to always set port forwards in two routers (also unsure whether the speedport allows that for IPv6).
That is a policy question that you will need to decide for your network, there really is no right or wrong.

Easier access from the outside (VPN server on the turris), one routing hop less… nothing earth shattering if the speedport’s firewall is flexible enough to allow what you want.

Again it is, just not if you need/want SIP telephony, but only you can know/decide this.


ok i think i will definitely give it a try. So that’s all I have to do in OpenWRT? Do you still have to enter access data somewhere or not? The connection to the provider already exists via the modem, so I don’t think it normally needs any data.

Oh sorry, no you also need to configure PPPoE for the wan link (and put in your PPPoE username and password). You can use the Kundencenter to enable Easy Login:
Then Telekom does not need any PPPoE username or password. however the turris GUI might require you to enter something, but then anything will do including the literal strings username and password.

Yes, that modem also called an optical network terminal/unit (ONT or ONU) needs to be registered with the ISP so it gets provisioned, but if that works right now with the speedport it will also work with the turris router…


I have checked, Easy Login is already activated in my customer center under “Speedport Services”. So I could enter any login data.
When you write “turris GUI”, do you mean the Luci interface from Turris? Or is this also possible or necessary in the reForis interface?

I honestly do not know, I think you can put in the PPPoE credentials both vie reForis and LUCI, but I am not sure whether any will accept empty values… Back when I was a telekom customer they had not introduced easy login yet and when they did, I simply did not enable it, so I have no idea what does and what does not work in the GUIs as I never tried, I since changed ISP and am with telefonica/O2 who do not support easy login anyway.
But this should be relatively easy to test, just make sure to first figure out what the correct username and password would be, in case you need them…

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