Turris Omnia Wifi 1 failing?


I’ve had my Turris Omnia since it was first delivered to the crowdfunding campaign. It’s worked satisfactory so far. Recently though, I’m suspecting a hardware failure (mostly since I haven’t read anyone else having similar problems making software unlikely).

I use wifi 1 with one SSID in 5ghz mode, wifi 2 on another SSD in 2.4ghz mode, both end up at the same local network, no guest networks or anything else strange setup.

The connection is extremely erratic and problematic on the wifi 1 connection, phones, computers, wifi-connected stereo all don’t work or work extremely slowly.

Suggestions on how to debug and/or resolve this would be much appreciated.


I would really appreciate if you can reach our technical support, which is available at tech.support@turris.cz.cz and we will request more details from your issue to be able to reproduce it and we will see it if helps.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply, I’ve reached out to support. In the meanwhile I noticed after some more debuging that the wifi 1 card seems to have failed completely on the 5ghz band. I’m not sure exactly when this happened as I have/had another access point serving the same SSID in another end of the house, I set that to a different SSID to debug and my main network went off the air completely despite the fact that it should have been served by the wifi 1 of the Omnia. If I switch wifi 1 to 2.4ghz mode it comes online with horrible range and performance which is to be expected I guess since I haven’t reconfigured any antenna wires.

Hi pepe. I have/had the same issues, and made a support ticket. That is open for 2 months :frowning:


I have sent my support inquiry, twice in fact. First to the incorrect email that was provided and a second time to the correct one. Nothing except an auto reply so far.

Wifi 1 is now completely dead on 5ghz and wifi 2 is erratic and slow just like wifi 1 once was. Have been forced to disable all wireless functionality in my router. Not impressed with support to say the least.


The automatic response could be helpful in some cases, just don’t ignore it. As I’m gonna request exactly the same what is there. It will speed up a lot of solving the issue. See our article for Error reporting.

From your description, we are not sure where the problem could be. We need some outputs from logs to be able to see what is going on.

Also, there was a weekend. I still think that 4 working days are acceptable even it could be improved.