Turris Omnia Vlan on standard LAN port

I own recently a “Turris Omnia” unfortunately I do not manage to put on the standard LAN port a VLan, without it shoots me the Reforis interface.

Procedure configure a new network bridge with Vlan, and at the network interface “Lan” set the device to the Vlan of the untagged port.

This will disable the network ports configured as Lan. And sometimes to the complete crash of Reforis.

I would like to keep the Reforis configuration option, i.e. not put the VLan on a different interface than the standard LAN.

Can someone help me with this?

You don’t need to make a new bridge, just configure VLANs on the existing bridge. In one go, configure VLANs on the bridge and change the LAN interface to br-lan.1 (or whatever you chose for the LAN vlan), then make more interfaces for the additional VLANs.

This currently leads to a bug in OpenWRT, which leads to lock out of the system, but I still tested via a separately configured port so.

Unfortunately this does not change the behavior, as soon as the default LAN adapter is set to e.g. untagged lan0.1, the network ports in the bridge are completely disabled.

Now and then this works, but leads to very strange errors, like web becomes very slow, webinterface shows errors when opening, etc,…

In addition, the “Reforis webinterface”, the LAN interface can no longer configure.

Sorry, I forgot exactly what the default configuration looked like.

You want a single bridge interface (in Network > Interfaces > Devices) that covers all the ports, and then make VLAN devices off of those, and then make the LAN interface use a VLAN device.


Still works in ReForis, with the exception that it shows LAN ports as being unassigned on the “Interfaces” tab:

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Yes exactly, I also mean this exactly so to have implemented, even if my configuration is much simpler.

I will try me but in the rested state again to prevent the somewhere errors have crept in.

Thank you for the detailed answer.