Turris Omnia Update


I have no doubt that Turris Omnia is a marvelous device. Mine is running

Model Turris Omnia
Firmware Version OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055 / LuCI 96366054565006474c39e02dca00c9d45dcb9e15 branch (git-18.328.59464-9636605)
Kernel Version 4.4.176-7bc33afbb1b35f5830b2b1b42c9cd8a0-0

According to ssh console:

root@turris:~# cat /etc/openwrt_release
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION='OpenWrt omnia 15.05'
root@turris:~# cat /etc/openwrt_version
root@turris:~# cat /etc/turris-version

After browsing turris.cz and forum, I am not 100% sure what is the latest stable firmware available to update nor the procedure to apply the new version.

For example, Documentation page shows a list of major turris OS versions (including OS 5)
Change Log page gives a detailed versioning of OS 4. It includes links to source code repository, but it is not clear what is the binary to upload into my device.
Finally, there is a very recent forum post (published by @Pepe) about OS 3.11.16 going to RC ??

I suggest a simple documentation page saying “Download the latest stable binary firmware from …” and install it following these steps".

If you don’t want to modify documentation web page, I would really appreciate if you can point me to the latest stable compiled firmware.

With best regards


I second this.

Im on 4.0.5 and im having some issues. I want to try 3.11.16 but I cant find the firmware file to flash it onto my omnia.

TOS 3.11.13 is vurnerable. Try run updater.sh or pkgupdate from command line manually.

Hello guys,

Thank you for asking.

If you can take a look at our history of Turris OS versions, which you can find in our documentation, which one of you pointed out. Right now, there are two released versions, which are still supported and in near future, this won’t change as we are working on automatic migration from Turris OS 3.x version to Turris OS 5.x.

We are not able to release any new version of Turris OS 4.x.x, which was based on top of OpenWrt 18.06. There were related changes to procd and some important services does not start and this is not something we can release out. End of Life for OpenWrt 18.06 is planned on May 2020 and since Turris OS 4.0, we have a new workflow, which allows us to provide releases more often than ever to protect Turris routers against vulnerability faster without increased maintenance efforts as we can work simultaneously on more versions at once. I can mention, for example, that we are working with upstream very closely and there were merged more than 300 pull requests, which we sent.

Code base for between Turris OS 3.x and Turris OS 4.x (and newer) changed a lot and new features most likely won’t be introduced in Turris OS 3.x release, but it does not mean that there is not going to be any release of Turris OS 3.x. As you correctly pointed out, there is prepared a new Turris OS version 3.11.16, which is in RC. Changelog for Turris OS 3.x can be found here.

If you want to take a jump on Turris OS 4.x version, which takes you almost immediately to Turris OS 5.x version once it is released and in that time support for the Turris OS 4.x should be terminated, it requires to configure your router from scratch by using a medkit.

There is going to be automatic migration, which should cover basic stuff from Turris OS 3.x to Turris OS 5.x, but my assumpton is that for experienced users, there is going to be documentation soon after releasing Turris OS 5.x and so they can provide us feedback.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to us. Me and my colleagues would be happy to answer them.

You advised this to some user and you advised it once again. It was told you that it wrong. Why?

updater.sh is obsoleted. Please use pkgupdate directly instead.

My other question, why do you force anyone to CLI? If you do, please at least suggest correct things. That’s pkgupdate. There is also more user-friendly way how to update your router. Just logging to the Foris, go to Updater tab and press Save changes. If there is something wrong, notification will appear.

Which issues are you having? Looking at your posts, I am not able to see that you are struggling with the issues neither that you have reported it to us. You might want to follow Getting help article.

User posted information from command line. I hope that he is able to work with CLI.

The forum states that updater.sh call pkgupdate. Wrong is your attitude towards me.

Dear Pepe,

Thank you so much for your clarification. That’s what I was trying to find. I can see the big picture now.

As I am trying to research the feasibility of installing ChirpStack.io (Lorawan Network Server) on Turris Omnia, I think I will jump to OS 4 (and subsequently OS5), which seems to have longer maintenance than OS3.

With best regards