Turris Omnia SFP module for "Deutsche Telekom" optical fiber?


moving towards optical/glass fiber I have to replace the
external ZyXEL VMG3006-D70A VDSL2 bridge modem connected to
a Turris Omnia 2020 (Revisions - Turris Documentation)
with a compatible solution for the new technology. The SFP port is still unused…

The provider is “Deutsche Telekom”, which also offers a SFP module
(Digitalisierungsbox Glasfasermodem | Telekom Geschäftskunden)
which is probably identical (?) to a Zyxel PMG3000-D20B
(Gigabit GPON SFP-Type SFU - PMG3000-D20B | Global | Zyxel)
and there were obviously attempts to make it work with non-Telekom Hardware
(see e.g. GitHub - xvzf/zyxel-gpon-sfp: Telekom FTTH with OpenWRT/PfSense/VyOS/Mikrotik/... (Reverse engineering Zyxel PMG3000-D20B GPON SFP)).
Does this work with TO2020?

I’m not sure about the technical details of a “Deutsche Telekom”/GPON(?) connection,
but there are certainly also other SFP modules which should work with it
(see e.g. a test on Glasfaser - Eigenes Modem an FTTH-Anschluss via SFP GPON Modul | ComputerBase Forum)

On the other hand there’s also a list for SFP modules compatible with the Turris Omnia
(Supported SFP modules [Turris wiki]), for which unfortunately the intersection to
the above mentioned ones seems to be empty - despite the Turris Omnia should
be a viable option (see e.g. Welcher Router am Glasfaseranschluss? – Glasfaser für Leonberg)

Are there any experiences with the Turris Omnia and “Deutsche Telekom Glasfaser”,
especially using a SFP module?

Thank you,

Currently looking into exactly the same topic…

The “Digitalisierungsbox Glasfasermodem” seems fairly popular and is seeing some usage overall, but there seems to be some issue when cold-booting with the SFP installed, as mentioned here: Ma5671A SFP issues on turris os 5.0.3 - #52 by backon

But, according to Hanly HL-GSFP cold boot issue (#413) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab , you might be able to work around this issue by setting a a boot delay. Since I do not have yet purchased the SFP (or for that matter: have the fiber line installed), someone else will have to validate this…

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I am using HALNy module with boot delay 45 and it works

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