Turris Omnia, SFP connector and Orange Fiber in Poland

Has anybody successfully managed to use the SFP connector to hook up the Omnia directly to the Orange fiber network bypassing the default “FunBox router” that is provided by Orange in Poland?

I’d love to be able to do this to reduce the clutter on my desk, but have no idea as to what type of an SFP connector I’d need to buy to get it to work.

Maybe somebody has some hints and tips that they would be willing to share?


@saltcafe Did you mange to setup Orange Fiber with Omnia ? I’ll soon be connected to orange fiber network and have purchased Tirrus Omnia 2 days ago. I found an entry on another forum that someone managed to set it up using SFP ZISA OP151S GPON Stick. Did you have any luck?

Sorry … never had any luck … haven’t come across any communication from anybody that a particular SFP module actually worked … and don’t have any other information about it’s configuration either :frowning:

With the recent upgrade of the network to 1Gbps … there is even more reason now to upgrade to SFP. :slight_smile:

If you have any success … maybe you could post back here with your story!!! That would be nice. :slight_smile:

just as an FYI … there was another thread on this topic here : https://forum.test.turris.cz/t/orange-ftth/6478