Turris Omnia possible routing issues

hello i hope this is the correct forum section, can you help/suggest?

i manage two Omnia, one is my personal, and in both i have verified this behaviour.

in streaming low latency/live video streams an issue appears (hickups/disconnection) to arise while using the Omnia.

in both cases connecting directly to the router modem solves the issue, so i wonder if there is something wrong with the router modem distribution or if there is a certain setting i can use to solve this on the Omnia. thank you

You might consider using some of the QOS (quality of service) options to combat stuff like bufferbloat.

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thx @jklaas! just spent a couple of hours on this and the difference is amazing in everything - not just where i noticed issues -, all the best

You’re welcome.

Your issues sounded exactly like the bufferbloat issue. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it discussed and it’s not really the easiest thing to search for.

It should probably be in a standard list of things to check on initial setup.

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