Turris omnia password recovery

Hi, i’ve read :

I’ve change my password to share it with my roomate during my holiday, but back to home, nobody rember it.

I don’t have serial link adapter at home.

I don’t know if my router config backup is up-to-date so i would like to reset my password but not my config.

Can I use failsafe mode from openwrt ? or have you disabled it in forris omnia router ? (i’ve tried to catch the broadcast packet at boot with no success).

If I need a serial link, is there specificity or any of them will work ?


No you can’t. But Turris has its own recovery procedure. There is recovery image in secondary storage and if you have new enough router (meaning 2G version bought at the end of last year or this year) or if you used usb recovery then 5 leds reset also opens ssh. Because this was added after initial Omnia release (I don’t remember when).

But there is alternative approach that I use daily. If you do factory reset (3 leds reset) then it in reality does only schnapps rollback to factory. Then you can configure access to your router over ssh and access it. Now when you have shell on the router you can easily mount snapshot marked as factory rollback using schnapps and that way you accessed your old system. Now you can pull out your latest configuration.

There is also even better solution to just change password and rollback back to factory rollback. But for that you have to go around schnapps and that might be too complicated. But if you have some experience with btrfs then you can just mount mmblk0p1, create rw snapshot of factory rollback snapshot (name of snapshot is number that can be found from schnapps), change password in that snapshot (either just change password to Foris or chroot and passwd for ssh) and then just replace current snapshot with your new one and reboot (mv @ @old; mv @new @; reboot).

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The serial cable is a good choice because you can see all is happening in the router system (boot messages and so on).
You can find it very easy in ebay:

USB TO UART FTDI SERIAL CABLE FT232RL, 3V3, 6 Pins, Arduino, Raspberry PI

You can use ssh or serial connection with minicom (unix)or putty (unix/windows).
Then when you have allready booted the system you have access to terminal.
In that place i think you can change your password (with root account).
At least in the Linux Operating System you can do that!
I hope this can help you someway.