Turris Omnia Overnight Suicide

Well it happened again,something appears to be running on the Turris Omnia in the early hours that really screws up the whole configuration. Last night was by far the worst as follows:

Woke up and started to work at around 2am; none of my VLAN1 / Eth0 Port Devices seemed to be working so connected via Wifi. Strangely my Linux Server on VLAN2 / Eth2 was working fine and I could connect to it from myh computer on VLAN1.

While i was connected to the Omnia interface via Wifi that died also, leaving me with no connection to the Omnia router at all, however another device I had connected via Wifi was connecting to the Internet without any problems.

I rebooted (powered down) the box and was able to connect to the Omnia Admin & Luci interface via Wifi, however when I connected via SSH, all the logs list were from the moment I switched the the Omnia back on. There were no Archived Logs and there were no IPTables logs. After spending 2 hour trying to get the eth0 / VLAN1 to work, i decided to restore from a Backup

So got up at 2am to do some work ready for the morning and spent the whole time trying to work out what had gone wrong since I was last Logged onto my LAN.

Something us not quite right; what runs on the Box as part of a maintenance process that could screw up my Omnia so badly?

Any feedback would be appreciated, as I cannot keep doing Factory Reset and Recovery from Backups on a regular basis!!. I’m sure the box will only cope with me doing this for so many time :frowning:

You could try to connect USB stick or drive to Omnia and move logging to there so when the next time there are issues you left with some logs what have happened.

A fair point; I did this for my last router but haven’t done the same for the Omnia.
I just don’t understand how it can go from Working Perfectly to Nose Diving into the ground without something triggering it.

Very Frustrating !!! :confused:

Very strange, I’m not aware of anything that could be doing that.

I have two ideas how to try looking into it:

  • If you have automatic updates enabled, try running them manually (for example by running updater.sh). That thing could do something potentially dangerous (though if the router is up to date ‒ which it should, after going through the wizard, it should do nothing) and is run every 12 hours, at a random time chosen at installation.
  • If it is something run automatically, it would likely be run by cron. So try crontab -l and looking into /etc/cron.d.