Turris Omnia not routing between LAN / WLAN

I have a very weird issue where i sometimes can’t reach hosts on wifi, from hosts on lan, but still able to reach them from the turris itself (so no issue with wifi dropouts).

When I reboot the turris is works ok, for a while. Then seemingly at random I can’t reach any wifi hosts from my cabled lan. Ping returns ‘destination host unreachable’. But when i ping the same host from the turris, it works fine. There’s no evidence firewall is involved, seems to be some kind of bug related to routing?

Instead of a reboot, if I just disable / enable the wifi device (via Luci) it also works. For a while until the problem repeats.

Any ideas how to pinpoint / debug the cause of this?

This sounds suspiciously close to the problem I am having:

I have played around with TCPDUMP but have not really had the time to devote to it. Assuming the wife isn’t on my case to print, I will look into it in more detail next time and update my post with what I find.