Turris Omnia Network for mwan3

Hello, could anyone help? I do not understand the current settings of switch.
I need to set up Omnia for mwan3 failover. For that, I need a new interface “wanb”. How should I set it up for port LAN4?

I removed port LAN4 from br-lan bridge, but I have no clue how to proceed next. I used to know how to tag/untag vlans in TOS3, but the switch configuration is not anywhere in Luci… Thank you

Mayby can help you this thread. Pokles rychlosti WAN na ~80 mbps

OpenWRT uses DSA switch configuration nowadays. You don’t have to configure VLANs anymore. Just create a new interface with LAN4 as its only member, and call it wanb.

I did that, but than I am not able to ping anything in wan- I get message like “ping: connect: Permission denied”.
Firewall zone set to WAN.

root@turris:~# ping -c 1 -I lan4 www.google.com
ping: connect: Permission denied

OK, solved.
It is as @mattventura pointed. I tried that, but at that time, I already had installed mwan3 package, where default rule is “use just wan” (not wanb, which is by default turned off). So I had interface wanb configured correctly, but I was not able to ping anything in wan, since mwan rules disallowed it.

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