Turris Omnia/MOX Mesh WLAN (3rd radio)


I’ve already opened a support ticket for my inquiry, but I understand that they have a lot to do. So maybe s/o from the community is able to help me as well.

I own one of the first Turris Omnia devices (revision CZ11NIC13) and I’m very happy with it.

In order to get better WiFi coverage for all areas in the house I’m now planning to build a WiFi Mesh network based on 802.11s/B.A.T.M.A.N.
Since we don’t have network wiring throughout the house I would like to use Tri-Band devices in order to have a dedicated radio for backhaul for optimal performance.

So I’ve got some questions:

  1. Is it possible to add another Compex WLE900VX to the non-used mPCIe slot of the Turris Omnia in order to get a Tri-Band device? Seems that there might be an issue with the WiFi antennas, as there are only two holes for additional antennas, unless I drill a hole for another one?

  2. If the upgrade of the Omnia is not an option, can I configure Turris MOX Base with Modules E and B having WLE900VX cards installed on both of them, in oder to achieve the same?

  3. Can I use Turris MOX base with only two or three E modules in order to create a OSS Layer3 Switch? I also plan to use dynamic routing for LAN and Lab in the near future…

Thank you!

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Yes you can do that. Drilling holes is not that difficult, I did it with both of my Omnias.
For one of them I’ve drilled 2 holes to install an additional Compex WLE1216V5-20 (as it uses 4 antennas). That way (and with 4* 5m cables attached to external antennas) I can serve two floors with WiFi.

That sounds pretty cool and might be an option for me as well.
But I’d like to use standard RP-SMA antennas (similar to the ones that come with the device). Would it work, if I drill another 4 holes into the back of the device in order to have similar distance between all antennas, or should I ecpect any problems with that density of antennas?
I have also a Clearfog Pro board laying around, which I might use as a Mesh AP.

That’s just what I’m doing. I’ll update this post with a picture later today.

You won’t have any issues with density of antennas. Just keep in mind to not use overlapping channels.

Thanks. That’s good news.
So, in order not to break my current network while testing different configurations, I’ll probably order another Omnia and some Compex WiFi cards.

@ssdnvv could you please elaborate more on your setup? what antennas have you used? where to buy it? what type of cables have you used to “extend” the range? what additional configuration was needed on Omnia’s side? I think it could be really helpful to other guys as well :slight_smile: thanks

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