Turris Omnia loose time/date after reboot


I have a problem with my turris omnia. After a reboot, the devices looses his date/time.

For example: I set the correct (german) time with luci (“sync with browser”) -> everthing is fine. After reboot, the “correct” date/time is gone.

Where is the problem? The bios battery is ok I think (voltage looks good).


What incorrect time/date do you get? Shifted by an integral number of hours?

It was -20days.

I think I catch the error. Modifications from LUCI are not writed to the hwclock of the Turris Omnia. If I set the system date via LUCI and then write it via commandline “hwclock -w” to the hwclock, the clock is persitent after reboot.

BTW: I use the Turris Omnia in a special usecase, mostly without internet access and so NTP is no solution for me…

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Does anybody know if it is possible to set the RTC/HWClock of the Turris via SNMP?

Because of the bug in LUCI I’m searching for a nice solution to set the clock from an own application (within a LXC Container).

Some months later…

new ideas? :wink:

I think i have the same clock problem , my TO has only LTE connectivity, somehow the standart ntp functionality doesn’t seem to work for me, now i’m using cron with ntpdate i think.

old forum post: After reboot clock is ahead