Turris Omnia keeps dropping packets

have been running some ping plots with a netgear router and then a turris omnia. on the netgear the connection is smooth with no packet loss and no ping spikes… on the omnia during the ping plots/gaming i also encounter packets being dropped and the ping spiking over 1000ms.
on omnia i even tried turning off syn flood protection and disabled drop invalid packets.
for example here is the stock firmware turris omnia(after factory reset) showing major packet loss

then here is latest kernel firmware, with multiple tests done on this kernel yielding the same result and packets getting dropped

<imgsrc=“/uploads/default/original/2X/5/5212942899d37b9a11b3cbaf44046cb383ecc057.png” width=“689” height=“376”>

and then here is the netgear router with after multiple tests done comes out the same with no packets dropped

what gives? why is this router such a headache for latency sensitive applications such as gaming.
very frustrating not being able to turn off what ever is causing this in the omnia, has no one here experienced the same thing? haven’t seen anyone else speak up about it…

no, me neither

i’m not really familiar with pingplotter, but in fact it does say 50% packet loss on the first hop (in the third picture, the one of your netgear) as well, which looks more like a faulty cable to me… or are you doing this via a wireless connection?

edit: on the second thought: it makes absolutely no sense that packets get dropped of the first hop, but none of the others, so hmm, no clue

there aren’t any packets getting dropped on first hop. its negligible and has no real effect on the connection. the 50% shows up no matter what since it is pinging every 0.5 milliseconds. for instance, When i ping at 1second intervals the packet loss percentage on the counter up top doesn’t show up at all though it still shows if packets were dropped on the big graph below. all tests are done wired through ethernet. and no faulty cables , all new cables that have been connected properly.

what im referring to is the actual packets being dropped by the omnia.the red lines on the graphs indicate the dropped packets which happen in real world testing. in java it was noticed and especially in Gaming it was absolutely noticed.for some reason the omnia is ignoring or cannot process some packets and drops them. this is also very noticeable on the stock turris omnia firmware that the device is shipped with, it can be tested by anyone else here and get the same result. though since i am now running the up to date kernel it still drops packets and is a major PROBLEM.
here is short a ping plotter test i JUST ran at 1second intervals showing the same result of the omnia dropping packets when the network is idle… makes no sense as to why its doing it, maybe one of its “security” features is causing to drop the packets?

Ping plotter is just a tool that pings and constantly does a graphical trace route to a destination/internet address to diagnose network issues. you can get it for free to use if you want to try just search ping plotter in google.

  1. stock firmware has the ‘switch init bug’ (fixed in 3.7 iirc) -> might drop stuff
    • your first measurement is in ‘internet primetime’ -> might drop stuff
  2. you are on cable -> might drop stuff

graphs from ‘mtr for windows’ look nice but dont tell much about omnia.

btw: the 50% loss with 0,5ms interval on the first hop comes from
net.ipv4.icmp_msgs_per_sec or net.ipv4.icmp_ratelimit depending on net.ipv4.icmp_ratemask

thank you for the reply, i hear what you are saying,
2. although it is, i am not on an oversubscribed node and have a 24channel modem & a 16 channel modem both which i ran tests on & both with the omnia and had the same result during or not during primetime hours. it happens regardless of time of day and regardless of modem connected to the turris omnia.
3. yes cable provided by the isp. the other routers i have tested do not suffer from this issue of loss/dropped packets unexpectedly. its an anomaly that i have yet to figure out the root of. maybe someone here can point out what the issue causing it within the T.omnia is

well, at a 0.5ms interval this is to be expected :slight_smile: didn’ even consider someone would try that

@theworstping i would build a test setup with the omnia routing between to computers to find out if it’s really the omnia dropping packets

ive already tested the issue with 3 different routers (netgear x6 & linksys ac1300 , turris omnia) And the omnia consistently drops packets in every test.

Thank you for response btw

What do you suggest I change in the turris settings?(I have no experience with command line so all I’m able to do right now is make changes in settings on Luci GUI)
if there is something you recommend I’d be up to try. consumer routers seem to work fine with packets , it’s just that there is an anomaly in the omnia that’s causing these packet drops . maybe one of its security features causing?

ping to google .com directly connected to the modem at 0.5 intervals
no packets dropped nor with other routers i’ve tested… only seeing packets dropped when the omnia is connected(ignore the red bars at the top, as this occurs only when setting to 0.5 intervals and has no effect on the ping or packets, & is not present at 1.0 second intervals and above)

This is a test i just ran this morning from the Turris Omnia during non peak hours and as you can see the packet loss shows up every 2 minutes or so like it did in the previous tests with the turris omnia. this is running latest firmware also. There is indeed something fishy going on thats causing it to drop packets…
not to mention the router added 3 extra hops to the trace route from previous tests (the turris has done this before ,the adding of extra hops and im not sure why)

Just ran another test but at 1 second intervals this time. Same result and packet loss occurring about every 2 minutes. Looking for some help on this issue, been having this problem since i first used the unit.

EDIT: added a cmd ping to google as well

this is unacceptable, makes it impossible to game online or use VoIP without being dropped from connection/packets. how can we fix?

Have you done a complete reinstall with a fresh medkit image?

Just a hunch, but try disabling the omnias WLANs for a test, I have seen cyclic disturbances caused by WIFI that affected all routing (in another router than the omnia). That would allow to potentially localize a potential disturber. Also it would be nice to see MTR results from the omnia itself…

hello, what i have done is factory reset the omnia by holding the button located on the back of the T.Omnia omnia until 3 lights are illuminated then letting go (putting it back to its stock original firmware) and have done this about 2 times recently.

i believe i did this for a test (with same result) thinking maybe that was the issue, even opened the omnia up to see if any of the sma antennas were disconnected … though i will try this again and post results.
how would i retrieve MTR results from the omnia? (keep in mind i have no knowledge on how to use command line if it involves it)

interesting… in between responding to your replies , i was running a test with these settings after tinkering with the turris omnia for about 3 hours →

it may have to do with the firewall??.. what i did was switch everything on that page to accept
and ended up with these results (wlan is still enabled at this point and i haven’t disabled it yet as per your suggestion since i had already started this test. also QOS was disabled in all these test just fyi.) in this test i am still using the turris omnia , same modem same cables same computer etc…

as you can see no packets were dropped

very interesting…here’s another test with the same settings

is this possibly a quick fix? though it is beyond me why it happened or is happening and how to permanently fix the issue without having flips settings in firewall like i did… what i did was go to the firewall page and switch all to ACCEPT and since then haven’t seen any packets dropped

as to why it happens when they are not all on accept , can someone explain this? and what exactly did i just do here, did i just disable the firewall?

It is better to report it on email: tech.support(at)turris(dot)cz, because it will create ticket for support and they will move it to developers and they will give you respond.

I’m really sorry, but this is the official way how to get respond from Turris team.
Sometimes they’re responding here, but they’re doing it in their free time, what I know.

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