Turris Omnia < - (IPsec) -> "Algo" VPN server. Advice?

Hello Turris community.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Recently, I was made aware of the following solution.

Algo VPN OverviewAlgo is an open source software bundle designed for self-hosted IPSec VPN services. It was designed by the folks at Trail of Bits to
be easy to deploy, rely only on modern protocols and ciphers and
provide reasonable security defaults. Also, it doesn’t require dedicated
VPN client software for connecting from most systems and devices,
because of native IPSec support.

This seemed cool, so I’m contemplating setting up my home network as follows.

[PC/Smartphone] < - (Wifi) - > [Turris Omnia] < - (IPsec) - > [Algo VPN Server] < - > [Internet]

Does anyone have advice on what I should look into to accomplish this?
I have some experience with OpenVPN, but new to strongSwan, so any pointers would help.

Thank you.