Turris Omnia in germany Coax-DSL

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one more or less short question for the german Turris Omnia users.
Is there anybody using the Turris Omnia with a VOIP/Cable-Internet Provider like KabelBW/UnityMedia/Vodaphone?!?
Using Internet and Telephone Packages.

Right now im still using my old ADSL-Connection but i want to change.
My needed Modem would be something with EURODOCSIS 3.0 and for the VoIP-Part i don’t got any idea how i can use this with my Omnia-Router and the existing old Phones…
Any Help or “Use-Case-Descriptions” are appreciated.

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For UnityMedia you need their modem (I don’t recommend Compal) and put it into Bridge mode.

There isnt such thing as EURODOCSIS for SFP port. :confused:

How is it operated in the Bridge-Mode?
Will be the Complete “network and Connection”-management on my Turris or do i have to use the Modem-Webinterface for Port forwarding etc…?!?

it will offer a DMZ to a single device behind it, to you just need to hook it up to WAN and then set the turris to use DHCP on that interface, the rest should magically work.
You can now use your own modem, but it is a lot of hassle which you should not need to go through, their devices are not very good, but the modem/bridge part is just fine :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that Unitymedia does not enable bridge mode on their hardware! That would be the next world wonder…

If you use their hardware you will get DS-Lite, which means no public IPv4 adress for you, only Carrier grade NAT. IPv6 is ok, at least the connect box allows for Prefix delegation.
(It is different if you order business service, then you only get IPv4, no v6, but public ip adress)

Regardless of that, Omnia is of cource compatible with everything.

Well I already realized that there won’t be an IPv4 address for my Internet connection. But we’ll better get now used to it than later…

Is there any port blocking or service concerns if you’re using the unity media NAT ?? Or them as a provider like net neutrality… The service technician at their support hotline just told me to ask an IT Guy… Well guess what’s my daily job. That’s why I’m asking those questions…

Does somebody got it working with a modem an not their fuzzy plastic router which does things you don’t know about?!?

Will it be possible to get a public IP v6 address or address range from them?!?

How can you be so sure that they doesn’t have bridge mode on their hardware?

UnityMedia (as you want Ziggo/UPC/VirginMedia in other countries) has same firmware on same HWs in all the countries.

Compal as you want Unity Connect Box (the white) allows it.

What I heard in Germany they used also Fr!x boxes and I’m not sure about them.

on kabeldeutschland/vodafone you used to get a “normal” ipv4 address (no cgnat) only if you enabled the bridge mode (via customer-portal)

I put my KD/Vodaphone router/modem into bridge mode. Now the turris receives a public IPv4 address on WAN via DHCP. You lose IPv6 connectivity completely. The analog phone is still connected to the provider’s hardware and just works.

I think at the moment it’s impossible to have real dual-stack with KD/Vodafone without paying 5€/month extra and using their Fritzbox 6490.

I’m using my TO behind a tc7200 from Unitymedia in Hessen. The unitymedia-“modem” doesn’t support bridge-mode (So basically it’s a router), but it works (see below). Connection is DualStack Lite.

IPv4 is double-nat, IPv6 works via Prefix-Delegation. By disabling firewall on the unitymedia-modem I get full IPv6-Connection and outgoing IPv4-Connection (which is fine because it’s DualStack Lite). It works out of the box, just connected my TO via the TO-WAN-Port and I was done. I also changed Wireless-Settings on the Unitymedia-Modem to some nonsense because the Unitymedia-Modem brings up WiFi after every reboot and I want to make sure that no Client connects directly to the Unitymedia-Modem without beeing behind the TO-firewall.

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Thank you @protree i was kind of searching for this kind of answer :slight_smile:

I’m a bit curious about the IPv4-IPv6 Transition but well if it works on your site without any problems (same provider)
i might give it a shot.

They block it with their config files. It’s been a topic for years in Unitymedia forums.

Oh I see that! That’s new for me.
Didn’t know that they’re blocking it in Germany,. Maybe because of IPv6?