Turris omnia for data Backup and the NAS perk

I am considering using Turris as a backup server for my data/photos.

My original idea was copy my PC data and photos to the external HDD to Turris time to time. For this purpose originally I planned to use an USB3 docking station something like this:

After the NAS perk has appeared I got unsure if I shouldn’t rather go with the SATA and RAID solution instead of USB3. What hold me off ordering the NAS perk was that I have also ordered the hacker pack thus it does somehow not fit in my configuration. Also I prefer to have a silent configuration so if using the docking station there are no active fans involved and the HDDs will also turn off after a while.

On the other side RAID would be not bad at all and SATA is faster than USB3, but if I consider do I really need RAID? My first source of data will be the PC HDD so the data will be kind of mirrored anyway… And RAID1 is also not the real solution for all the HDD problems, I have seend both HDD in RAID1 beeing destroyed just by a broken power supply…

Could you guys help me out with my dilemma? What solution is better for data backup to use USB3 docking or the NAS Perk?

Also may I ask why the NAS Box set will be discontinued? Will it be possible to buy the case later on? Or is this because of the low demand?

Any answere is highly appretiated…